Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 05/05/2002 in Rm. 7, 6 St. Clements Garden, Thompson's Lane.

Present : Roz, Owen, Martin, Neil, Lowrie*

Apologies : Richard, Jenny

  1. The meeting is opened somehow by someone

  2. You are not allowed to say exam today: Passed

  3. The far seeing eye

  4. French Cricket

  5. The kettle turns itself off

  6. The cats again

  7. Marrying people for hair bobbles

  8. Cows like licking ferrets

  9. Ferret: like a mink but more ferret like

  10. Cows don't drink tea, but fish do

  11. Votes that we shouldn't have coke at the garden party because it would be too difficult to cross bird baths with women: Failed

  12. Votes to send an email to the mailing list asking if anyone wants to give birth to a bird bath: Passed

  13. Roz sticks her tongue through a hole in private

  14. Archaeologists always go digging with spatulas

  15. Owen is Owen: Passed

  16. Neil thinks Owen is called Martin and Robert

  17. Jesus laid carpets

  18. They should have spatulas in the houses of parliament

  19. The society is apathetic: F:1, A:0, Ab:2 Passed

  20. We should not vote on this motion: F:0, A:1, Ab:0, Sp:3 Failed

  21. Votes to send a letter to Neil condoling him on the loss of his job at Sainsburys: Passed

  22. Lowrie stabs everyone with spatulas

  23. Only red phones can phone the UN

  24. "Neil has Immensely long legs" Roz

  25. Votes that Neil should stop going on about his legs: Passed

  26. Votes to censure Neil for the above: Passed

  27. Neil measures his inside leg, its 90cm

  28. This weeks minutes should be red: Passed

  29. Neil reads the minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 28/04/2002

  30. Votes to censure Neil for accusing Roz of being a mass murderer: Passed

  31. Votes to censure Neil for forgetting to read the minutes out loud: Passed

  32. Votes to censure Neil for claiming he doesn't do the things he gets censured for: Hung

  33. Votes to censure Neil for thinking Roz's room is a stable: Passed

  34. This is a saloon

  35. Votes to censure everyone who hasn't turned up nor apologised: Passed

  36. Votes to commend Martin for having lunch in the masters study: Passed

  37. Roz reads the tea leaves (or to be more accurate the box containing the tea leaves)

  38. Rosie has her own unoch

  39. Context

  40. Roz prefers unochs to monarchs

  41. Reading: The Map

  42. James do dahs big thing

  43. The original James' email about a celebratory lunch is discussed

  44. Votes to censure everyone in the past: Passed

  45. Votes to censure everyone in the failed: Failed

  46. Votes to censure everyone in the field: Failed

  47. Votes to have the celebratory lunch next academic year: Passed

  48. Votes to mandate Martin to draw a Rabbit in the minutes

  49. The pointing trowel for pointing at walls

  50. Somebody stole Jim

  51. Next weeks meeting in AA20

  52. Martin taught Roz how to sing like a sheep

  53. Owen is thinking about Neil dressed only in vine leaves

  54. Mustard

  55. It is not a good idea to make jam out of jam

  56. Kettle fish exist

  57. 06/04/1995 Mr Devilair (an MP) voted for C68, the youth criminal justice act

  58. "Wear red lights to a disco and you get free drinks" Roz

  59. Votes to write to the Peterhouse tea society and commend them for drinking tea and eating cake but suggest they insert some pooh: Passed

  60. Votes to close and then cook dinner: Passed

  61. Martin is cooking dinner for everyone in his house

  62. If you don't want to be stabbed with a screwdriver, don't stab yourself with a screwdriver: Proverb 17th Century.

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