Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 22nd January 2000 in E2A.

Present : Martin, Owen, Yasmin, Richard, Peter, Jeremy, Annelies, Claire, Rob, Gina, Mad Jenny, Michael, Andrew, Ben, Neil, Rosie(guest).

Apologies : Chris, Jon, Kirsten, Benedict.

  1. Martin opens the meeting.

  2. Owen is Yasmin's brother.

  3. Yasmin has a very large mug.

  4. Owen has a large piece of wood on the floor that used to be a table.

  5. Claire has brought a cake she made.

  6. Gina has brought a bouncy Tigger.

  7. Vote to thank Claire on her lovely cake. F:8, A:0, Ab:2.

  8. Yasmin made the tea bread she has brought.

  9. Vote to censure Ben for being late. F:8, A:0, Ab:2.

  10. Mad Jenny arrives and says "Oh! wood, interesting."

  11. Reading: In which Tigger is unbounced.

  12. Ben arrives in the middle of the reading.

  13. They've changed the chocolate on Kit Kat's.

  14. Ben needs to use an iron.

  15. Rob reads the minutes.

  16. We get carried away applauding.

  17. Vote that Rob should read the minutes in an Irish accent, Passed.

  18. Ben does very strange accents.

  19. We've done the never knew you cared joke this week.

  20. AGM Sunday 20th Feb, Presidential dinner.

  21. Vote to ignore the clause in the constitution that says we have to hold the AGM in the second quarter of lent term. Passed.

  22. Vote to congratulate Jenny's socks. F:3, A:3, Ab:4, Christopher robin abstains so Rosie as visitor decides that we should congratulate Jenny's socks.

  23. Next weeks meeting Rm. 4, 32 Panton street.

  24. We will do an A.A. Milne play next week.

  25. Vote to close. passed

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