Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Annual General Meeting held on the 20/02/00 in the Inner Parlour

Present : Martin, Owen, Richard, Gina, Neil, Jeremy, Andrew, Anthony, Rob, Annelies, Mad Jenny, Claire, Yasmin, Ben, Michael.

Apologies : Peter

  1. Ben opens the AGM

  2. Votes to censure Ben for messing up the emails, F:5, A:3, Ab:2

  3. Reading : Lines and Squares read by Andrew.

  4. Ben reads the minutes from the emergency meeting held earlier.

  5. Rob reads the minutes of last week.

  6. Vote to make Anthony not say anything until he pays his pound. Passed.

  7. We mention David Henderson.

  8. Votes to commend Owen on his hat. F:5, A:4, Ab:2

  9. Ben still hasn't got the plays.

  10. The elections are held:
    Nominations (* means elected):

    President: Owen
    Mad Jenny*

    Secretary: Martin*

    Treasurer: Owen

    Under Secretary: Yasmin*

    Foreign Secretary: Owen*

    Christopher Robin: Jon*(on the condition he skips next time he is in a meeting)

    The James: Ben*

    Wol: Owen*

  11. Sanest Pooh member? Maddest? (note: I have no idea what this is on about as it was minuted while I was out of the room)

  12. During the elections Anthony pays his pound.

  13. Votes to thank Ben for his presidency : Passed.

  14. Owen's speech is a page and a half.

  15. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Vote to censure Rob for undisclosed nastiness. Passed

  17. Votes to stop Owen: Passed.

  18. Gosh its dark.

  19. Mugs (yes we are)

  20. Votes to make Ben acting captain of Poohsticks: Passed.

  21. The Telegraph want to cover the Varsity match.

  22. Votes that somebody should check all the unsafe bridges just to check that they are unsafe: failed.

  23. Something to do with hairdryer.

  24. Votes to suspend minuting during formal hall: Passed

  25. Formal Hall: for those who are interested it was:
    Leek and potato soup, Turkey and a strange black cherry and cream thing.

  26. Minuting restarts.

  27. The loyal toast is made.

  28. Ben makes a speech.

  29. Mad Jenny makes a speech.

  30. Claire apologises for her absence next week.

  31. Pembroke lacks bottoms.

  32. Votes to thank Owen for food: Passed.

  33. "The atmosphere was good" - Rob
    "It needed more Nitrogen" -Andrew.

  34. Rob's Relatives have little ones.

  35. Rob's off to slip into something more comfortable.

  36. Ben keeps banging bits of his anatomy.

  37. Andrew apologises for next week.

  38. E2a is the location for next weeks meeting.

  39. Votes to close passed.

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