Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 5/2/00 in Rm. 9, 10 Fitz Street:

Present : Jeremy, Richard, Martin, Neil, Gina, Michael, Alison, Annelies, Andrew, Claire, Owen, Mad Jenny, Yasmin, Rob, Ben, Kirsten, Benedict, Henry, Jon.

Apologies :

  1. Ben opens the meeting at 4pm Chesterton standard time.

  2. Vote to censure Ben for being undressed F:2, A:1, Ab:1 Carried, Ben goes to dress.

  3. Benedict makes a Ben's arse joke.

  4. Henry attempts to use Benedict as a guitar.

  5. Foreign secretary reports having infiltrated and conquered Goth Soc., they are now Pooh devotees.

  6. Kirsten attempts to censure Henry for being horrid.

  7. Ben suspends meeting.

  8. I was told there were 8 minutes from Chesterton so mine start at minute 9 therefore this minute is just here to fill in the gap.

  9. People arrive at Jeremy's room to find Ben has opened the meeting elsewhere.

  10. Where's Neil disappeared to.

  11. There is a great polarity between coffee and alcohol.

  12. Gina bounced a lot last night.

  13. Michael's most exciting experience last week: walking round Cambridge with his trousers slowly coming undone.

  14. Granny apologises for not being here next week.

  15. Michael wants to blow up Jeremy's chair.

  16. Michael's brother's is bigger.

  17. "Look at those buns."

  18. Michael blow's thongs regularly.

  19. Anthony sends his regards and will come at some point during the term.

  20. Ways of killing spider plants are discussed.

  21. Vote to give the alien voting rights for the duration of the meeting: F:5, A:1, Ab:3. The alien was given voting rights but never seemed to use them.

  22. Jeremy's very used hamster is noticed.

  23. Ben doesn't know which house we are in.

  24. Jon arrives and says its larger than I thought.

  25. Ben has invitations for the AGM but has forgotten them.

  26. Ben's not wearing dark trousers, they're just dark white.

  27. Jenny says to Jeremy "Have you had it up before."

  28. Reading: In which a search is organised and Piglet nearly meets the Heffalump again.

  29. Votes to make Yasmin give us a burst. F:3, A:3, Ab:8. Christopher Robin votes against.

  30. Ben speaks French and Rob comes.

  31. Ben is censured for using jokes from the bottom of the barrel.

  32. We censure Rob for not following the reading.

  33. We then censure Rob for not knowing the constitution off by heart.

  34. We then vote that this is victimisation.

  35. Kirsten is knitting. Rob starts to tell us about how he once knitted in a school play.

  36. Some one shouts out "We don't care Rob.". This is then voted on and passed.

  37. Is silence a sound effect or not. We vote that SILENCE IS NOT A SOUND EFFECT.

  38. Ben nearly kills himself during the reading.

  39. Ben still hasn't got the plays.

  40. Jenny reads the minutes and we then vote that they where good.

  41. Votes to censure Yasmin for being here Passed.

  42. Dave Henderson was minuted in the minutes of the alternative meeting.

  43. Jenny counts the numbers of exits to the room, is she trying to get away.

  44. We decide to investigate the possibility of getting mugs.

  45. Votes to censure Michael for calling Pooh boring Passed.

  46. Rob apologises for not being here on Sat 26th Feb.

  47. Next week 11 Manhatten drive.

  48. Vote to give up because this is dull. F:8, A:3, Ab:2.

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