Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 11/3/2000 in E2A

Present : Owen, Richard, Granny, Martin, Rob, Jenny, Ben, Yasmin, Kirsten, Benedict, Jeremy.

Apologies :

  1. Meeting opened by Jenny.

  2. Owen has some letters he has written.

  3. Granny got chased by a woman last night.

  4. Rob reads out the letter Owen has written to Twinings.

  5. Rob shows us the baby toy he was given as a present.

  6. Joachim is foreign. Passed.

  7. Votes to stir things up. Passed.

  8. Votes that Owen who we are calling Wowen should be called Owen, since Owen doesn't like being called Wowen. Passed.

  9. Votes to censure Jenny for calling Owen Wowen. Passed.

  10. Owen has no eyes.

  11. Reading: In which a house is built at Pooh corner for Eeyore.

  12. Jeremy comes in saying he doesn't want to eat.

  13. Votes to censure Owen for no reason what so ever. Failed.

  14. Votes for naanaanaanaaananana. Passed.

  15. Yasmin apologises for her absence next week.

  16. Martin apologises for his absence until next term.

  17. Jon's next week.

  18. Votes to close passed.

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