Minutes Of The Elevenses Meeting Of The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society Held On 18/3/00 At 11 Manhattan Drive

In Which We Play Poohsticks And The Lady In Red Becomes A Thief.

Present: Jenny, Ben, Kirsten, Benedict, Scary Clare-Not Quite As Scary As Scary Clare-Clare Booeeooeeoothby (or Eliot?), Jacob, Owen, Jon (ish)

Apologies: Yasmin, Martin, Granny, Pete, Richard, Neil

  1. Jenny opens the meeting

  2. Motion to censure Rob for loving his essay more then us F: 2 A: 1 Ab: 2 - Passed

  3. Motion to censure Jon for yet again not coming to a meeting despite it being in his own house F: 2 A: 0 Ab: 2 + 1 spoilt ballot - Passed

  4. Motion to censure Granny for not being asked F: 2 A: 1 Ab: 1 - Passed

  5. Jenny's leg has fallen off

  6. Reading Chapter 10 - "In which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an enchanted place, and we leave them there" - Benedict reads Pooh (well sort of)

  7. We discuss whether the Apple Mac is hungry as its mouth is open

  8. Motion to censure those two for gross sadness (which is precisely what the motion was) F: 2 A: 0 Ab: 2 + one spoilt ballot - Passed

  9. Motion to allow visitors to vote as long as they eat better then Benedict F: 2 A: 0 Ab:3 - Passed

  10. There is a long discussion as to what Clare's name is

  11. We continue the reading

  12. Benedict is installing an operating system on the computer

  13. Motion to censure the book "A World Of Winnie-The-Pooh" for containing a mistake F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 1 - Passed

  14. Motion to censure Jon for not reading Pooh F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 2 - Passed

  15. Motion to commend Benedict for his reading of Pooh F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 2 - Passed

  16. Ben reads the letter to Disney

  17. Ben can do magic tricks with caterpillars

  18. Caterpillars don't have wheels

  19. They are all having fun in the Garden and nobody is killing anybody (however I don't know who this concerns, it will have to remain a mystery)

  20. Motion to postpone the poohsticks playoffs until more people are present F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 1 - Passed

  21. There is a loo in the car (Another Owen made a bathroom train apparently)

  22. Jon is going to field Ginas (or feel - we're not sure which)

  23. We go to play poohsticks (The bridge is moving)

    Round 1 - Benedict, Kirsten, Ben, Jenny, Owen (who has the biggest one)
    Round 2 - Owen's stick from the first game, Ben, Jenny, Benedict, Kirsten, Owen's stick from this game.
    Round 3 - Owen, Ben, Benedict, Kirsten (Jenny is disqualified for cheating)
    Round 4 - Kirsten, Owen, Jenny, Ben, Benedict
    Round 5 - Unsure (we got a bit confused)

  25. People keep nicking our sticks

  26. Motion to censure the lady in red for stealing our sticks F: 4 A: 0 Ab: 4 - Passed

  27. Ben makes jokes about spanners and wrenches

  28. Motion to censure Ben for the above F: lots A: 0 Ab: ? - Passed

  29. Motion to censure Ben for spodding F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 1 - Passed

  30. Next weeks meeting is at Kirsten's House

  31. Motion to close the meeting F: 4 A: 0 Ab: 1 - Passed

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