Minutes Of The Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting Of The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society - 13th January 2001

Held In: The Tea Room, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Dulwich, London
West Dulwich Station, London
A Train
Victoria Station
The Underground
Kings Cross Stations
Another Train

Present : Owen, Jenny, Ben, Granny (Our friendly neighbourhood trainspotter), Debbie, Claire (an ex-biology teacher that knows Jenny)

Apologies : None

  1. Jenny opens the meeting in the tea room after we visited the E.H. Shepard Exhibition.

  2. Votes to censure Granny for his comments about cooking Pooh (with reference to the Pooh Cook Book) F: 4 A: 2 Ab: 1 - After voting for Ben remembers his postion as the James and votes all 3 ways

  3. We discuss buying train tickets. We should write to WAGN about teabags. Granny informs us that they will have time to reply before they cease to exist.

  4. Granny's not related to a vicar.

  5. Jenny will issue Granny with a chocolate du-bery(sp.) before we go. (For future reference she actually issued him with a blueberry one at Victoria).

  6. We discuss working at the Royal Mint and the security there. Do you get paid with freshly printed money?

  7. "You're not really going to waste all that Jam and Cream" - Jenny to Ben

  8. "I've lost a sugar lump down there" - Granny

  9. Jenny doesn't have baths in Cambridge

  10. "You'd have to give it a really thorough strub" - Jenny

  11. "If so there is a curve I've not done" - Granny

  12. Jenny introduces ths society to Claire. Apparantly Claire does computers now - so does Ben - we're surrounded.

  13. We must take down all the train numbers for Granny on the way back

  14. Reading - Old Testament - Chapter VIII "In which Christopher Robin leads an Expotition to the North Pole". During which Granny makes a joke about boots and computer viruses. Meanwhile the tea shop has emptied, so we pay up and leave.

  15. The waiting room at West Dulwich Station is the Irish Prime Minister.

  16. Weight loss - Where's the standard kg?

  17. We finish the reading whilst waiting for the train. At this point it is noticed that Owen is sitting on a station platform with a pen and paper making notes. Owen quickly moves onto the next minute.

  18. Dave Henderson rings Ben

  19. Granny spots a Eurostar .... and another ... and another

  20. How do people see the numbers? Years of practice
    Granny the fastest spotter in the West

  21. Ben won 50p on Bananalotto

  22. "It's far too small actually" - Jenny (As to what this was refering to, I've no idea, but it was written down in my notes so I include it for completeness)

  23. Has Granny got that one? - Yes it went through somewhere this morning.

  24. Can't read my notes for this one, but it looks like Ski travels for Trains.

  25. There are fake passengers waiting to get on the train at Brixton. However none of them board.

  26. At this point it is noticed that half of us are talking about trains and the other half about computers. The carriage empties at the next stop.

  27. We discuss the signs at the gallery - they have brail on them so blind people can read them. Jenny and Granny wonder how a blind person would find the sign. Owen wonders why a blind person would visit and art gallery.

  28. Granny leaves us at Victoria

  29. "Duty cleaner please report to the operations room with a mop - Urgently" - Station announcer at Victoria

  30. Ben and Owen try to empty another train carriage by talking about contagious rashes. However, there attempts fail.

  31. Confusion at Kings Cross - What the sign says about buses today is actually tomorrow. Later we overhear a station announcer say "Stevenage replacement bus" - we attempt to complete the sentance.

  32. Sustenance

  33. At this point we notice that we've only had one vote. Ben promptly seconds this F:2 A:1 Ab:1. Motion carried, so we've still only had one vote

  34. In the exhibition The Currator had invited the society to see the rest of the E.H. Shepard archive, so we decide we should make him an honorary member F:3 A:0 Ab:1 - Arthur R Chandler, University Archivist, University of Surrey and author of The Story Of E.H. Shepard: The Man Who Drew Pooh is added to the list of honourary members.

  35. We discuss how long people have held posts for. Ben's been holding one for 4 years now.

  36. Which light does Jenny live in?

  37. Geoff is Ernest. We thought he was Jeff?
    Should a married couple be Frank and Ernest or should one of them be a Woman?

  38. Debbie writes cheques to plastic bags

  39. We discuss the system of postcodes. Ben draws a circular diagram to demostrate what the college postcode is.

  40. We look at a tube map to see where Ben, Jenny and Granny live. We then attempt to show where Owen lives using the same tube map.

  41. Owen typed up the minutes during the following week, only to discover that the meeting was still open, but then promptly forgot about it again.

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