Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 10/02/2001 on Poohsticks bridge and in Q9

Present : Martin,Granny,Richard,Neil,Laura,Owen,Jenny,Ben,Ian,Andrew,Rosie (Q9), Claire (Q9)

Apologies : Debbie,Anthony,Rosie (Poohsticks),Claire (poohsticks)

  1. "Do you have to put it between my legs" Ben to Andrew

  2. "Ducks are having fun" - Ben, "Who's fun" - Owen

  3. "Hello Dean, sorry about the other night" - Richard

  4. "I don't mind doing Eeyore" - Owen

  5. "On an extremely bizarre note" - Ian, "e flat" - Ben

  6. Andrew reads Poohsoc minutes from Meeting on 03/02/01 (that is 2001)

  7. Andrew's better than a frozen chicken

  8. Audio tapes Wednesday at 6pm

  9. Ben asks Micheal if he wants some

  10. Ben asks where are all the cows in the field, Owen replies their wearing snorkels

  11. Ben had Hot chocolate at lunch

  12. Ben is in Laura's pocket

  13. Ben wants to develop as a female

  14. Can Ian be really irritating: Passed

  15. Coasters

  16. Computers

  17. Echo

  18. Granny has his Pooh T-shirt on

  19. Granny hears voices

  20. Granny reads minutes of Poohsoc meeting on 07/02/2001

  21. Growing cress on a carpet

  22. Ian comes from Hampshire

  23. Ian enjoys a Mathmo joke

  24. Ian's up for more stick action

  25. Ian's windows haven't been steamed up for a long while

  26. Jenny Opens the meeting

  27. Now

  28. Owen plays with himself and comes first

  29. Park benches- Q9

  30. Reading: In which Pooh invents a new game and Eeyore joins in

  31. The pickles nearly tessellate

  32. There's no Wol in it: Passed

  33. These English students they don't see a sound

  34. Train farms

  35. Typo

  36. Various votes are held and I don't have a clue what they where

  37. Vote to close: Passed

  38. Votes for something nice about Andrew: Passed

  39. Votes to all go home: Passed

  40. Votes to call Ian's room home: Passed

  41. Votes to censure Ben for being absolutely obnoxious: Passed

  42. Votes to censure Claire for being late: Passed

  43. Votes to censure Martin for being an incompetent secretary: Failed 4 times

  44. Votes to censure Micheal for putting Ben's sticks in the water: Passed

  45. Votes to censure Rosie for forgetting the moustache again again: Passed

  46. Votes to censure them for being right little swines: Passed

  47. Votes to commend bip bip bip: Hung visitor decides for.

  48. Votes to commend the teapot: Passed

  49. Votes to declare Andrew a brilliant tosser: Passed

  50. Votes to declare today slightly odd: Failed

  51. Votes to go inside: Passed

  52. Votes to make him go and get them: Passed

  53. Votes to make the teapot an honorary member: Failed 3 times

  54. Votes to not let Richard dip his twiglet in anything in Ian's room: Passed

  55. We could make Ben go home: Passed

  56. We go to play Poohsticks

  57. We vote on something that wasn't seconded

  58. We're all awake today

  59. We've steamed up the windows

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