Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 3/03/2001 in Room 6, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

Present: Richard, Debbie, Owen, Rosie, Andrew, Anna, Martin, Jenny, Matt, Mel,
Apologies: Ben from a boat in Rotterdam, Ian.

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Debbie is a member of Pembroke.

  3. Votes to commend Waitrose and tell them. Passed.

  4. Martin was the mad person who ran across the crossing.

  5. "Jenny? Pretty wonderful?"

  6. Claire is suffering from peer rejection in adolescents.

  7. "This stuff smells nice." Andrew.

  8. Owen's clock is in B.S.T.

  9. Owen's given up lent.

  10. Owen should have had the whole of lent last Tuesday.

  11. "Can you not glue the furby together?" Martin.

  12. "Hot and wet please." Richard.

  13. Silence. Everyone.

  14. "I'll just have to practise these two fingers instead." Andrew.

  15. Owen came back with a full one.

  16. "We don't allow sailing in the garden." Owen.

  17. "If you can't spare any mugs then I want some." Martin.

  18. "I just assumed it was the hot one." Martin.

  19. "Richard, you're here!" in an excited voice. Jenny.

  20. Rustling.

  21. "I'm afraid there's at least three of us with no mugs." Owen would appear to be in luck.

  22. Would it be cool by the time we get there?

  23. "Kanga comes from Homerton." Jenny
    "Claire!" Claire.
    "No, Homerton." Andrew

  24. "Oh! Oh! Oh! I love you!" Jenny to Martin.

  25. "Does anybody want a baby?" Owen.

  26. Jenny is trying to stop herself.

  27. Votes for them joining. F:6 A:0 Ab:1

  28. Votes to let visitors vote. F:5 A:2 Ab:0

  29. Votes to censure Anna for not liking W-T-P. F:6 A:1 Ab:1

  30. "Can I have a large piece?" Andrew to Claire.

  31. Votes to give them diaries without explaining. F:1 A:2 Ab:2

  32. Claire could be faking it.

  33. Votes to commend Claire for the cake. F:0 A:1 Ab:0

  34. Votes to commend Claire for the cake. F:7 A:0 Ab:0

  35. "We moved all those photos of you Jenny." Martin.

  36. Claire recounts stories of last weeks "Oddbins Girl" experience.

  37. "He'll get a pleasant surprise" Owen.

  38. "Are you not writing this Andrew?" Anna.

  39. Minutes of AGM 24/02/2001 are read by Matt.

  40. "Maybe one of the M&M's would like to read the minutes." Jenny.

  41. M&M's go over Anna's head.

  42. "Everyone else down!" Jenny.

  43. "Andrew and the small child in the pool room"

  44. "You can swap if you get tired." Jenny.

  45. " You're a cross martin" Jenny. Passed.

  46. Votes to censure Martin for omitting a minute. Passed.

  47. "Rosie gave it to Andrew." Martin.

  48. "They were praying to get some new people and didn't".

  49. "You might be really frightened and cry." Anna to Jenny.

  50. "C of E just dip their finger in it" Claire.

  51. "My Buddhism supervisor was a right space cadet." Claire.

  52. "Sorry to take so long" Rosie. See minute 47.

  53. "11am until 11pm daily." Rosie.

  54. Owen hasn't had the first.

  55. Votes to censure Claire for thinking that something in a Pooh-soc meeting was silly. F:3 A:4 Ab:2 Failed.

  56. "ooh!" Claire to Martin.

  57. "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Jenny to everyone.

  58. We might have a candidate for Rabbit.

  59. "If you have a male you need to take advantage of it." Claire to Richard.

  60. "Isit." Anna.

  61. Claire about men. Emphasis on the "it".

  62. "What's Pooh Sticks?" Anna.

  63. Poohsticks at 4pm on Saturday.

  64. "Whichever one comes out first is the winner." Jenny.

  65. The cows might be closed in.

  66. "We need the exercise." Claire, partly towards Martin.

  67. "You were asleep." Martin to Claire.

  68. "Lets have it between exams and may week." F:4 A:0 Ab:2 Passed.

  69. Claire covers her eyes as Martin threatens to fire it across the room.

  70. "You paedophile!" Claire to Martin.

  71. "I think they're doing that under the Library." Owen

  72. The skirt is a little short.

  73. "Why are we having a birthday formal hall when he is 74?" Rosie.

  74. Many people talk at once.

  75. "We kept it up for hours." Jenny.

  76. "Technically" Jenny

  77. Votes to censure the visitor for complaining at the spelling. F:9 A:0 Passed.

  78. Reading. In which Kanga and Roo come to the forest.

  79. Matt is Pooh.

  80. Votes to comment the new who are not visitors for reading Jolly Well. F:7 A:0 Ab: 0

  81. "My tights are all bobbly and laddered." Rosie.

  82. Single Gloucester is not orange and you can get white Red Leicester.

  83. Jenny and Rosie are Talking in my ears.

  84. "Innuendo!" Martin.

  85. Anna doesn't like nut things.

  86. Lisa gets porn.

  87. "It was exciting at the time." Jenny.

  88. "The little nasty ugly one." Rosie.

  89. "James." Jenny.

  90. The whole point of existence is to go to Sainsbury's F:2 A:1 Ab:0 Passed.

  91. Loch Ness Monster.

  92. Jenny's not taken drugs since she's been old enough to pay for them.

  93. Jenny's room after Poohsticks next week.

  94. Votes to close. F:5 A:1 Ab:0 Passed.

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