Minute of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on 10th March on The Bridge and Jenny's room, H1.

Present: Ben, Owen, Martin, Andrew, Debbie, Rosie, Jenny; visitors Rob, Keeley, Matthew.
Apologies: Ian.

  1. Matthew (pronounced Irishly) is a trainee teacher at UEA, but he used to go to Cambridge. Rob is a 2nd year mathmo at Tit Hall.

  2. The porters have no e-mail address, so we will have to talk to them in person.

  3. We vote to play Poohsticks.

  4. We vote that visitors can vote too.

  5. Ben, Martin and Owen want to chop someone's arms off.

  6. 'Do what on the beach Ben?' - Rosie

  7. 'We've done it on the real one though' - Ben

  8. The diversion sign is censured.

  9. Sticks should be dead before we pick them up for playing Poohsticks.

  10. Ben strips off.

  11. game I: Owen (draw with someone).

  12. 'It's the very tip that matters' - Owen.

  13. game II: Ben

  14. game III, played with 2 anonymous visitors: Ben

  15. Martin takes photos.

  16. We shouldn't drown any helpless animals apart from Owen: passed.

  17. game IV: Matthew and Owen draw.

  18. Owen's stick is chemically treated.

  19. game V: Andrew

  20. game VI, played with 2 more anonymous visitors: Jenny; Keeley admits to cheating for the 2nd time.

  21. Someone else apologised for not attending.

  22. 'Yes! It's me!' - Ben; 'by 2 inches' - Andrew

  23. Andrew throws his stick ahead of the rest.

  24. 'Andrew's going off to play by himself' - Ben; 'Hang on a minute, I haven't got a spare hand' - Rosie.

  25. 'Duck', 'Duck!'

  26. game V, trial for members of the poohsticks team: Andrew ahead but 3" too low.

  27. Andrew can show Rosie what 3" is.

  28. 'That's me there! That long curly one!' - Andrew.

  29. game VI, trial to be Captain of Poohsticks: Andrew.

  30. Votes to play all our sticks for the last game: passed

  31. game VII: Andrew (cheating).

  32. Jenny plays with Martin the same way Richard plays with Niel.

  33. Ben doesn't want to know who gave 'it' [Niel] to Richard.

  34. We are too busy going to get tea to vote on whether to get tea.

  35. 'I'll write that down in a minute' - Rosie; 'Best place for it' - Ben

  36. 'Duck!'

  37. Owen doesn't get it at home.

  38. Owen calls Jenny a mug. Jenny has an ample supply.

  39. Andrew's twig is 3" long.

  40. We read the letter from the Lord Mallard.

  41. Commend him: passed

  42. Letter from WAGN (Ben explains the situation to visitors).

  43. Coffee's not theoretical it's heretical.

  44. We will let Mandy know that we are unable to reply to her reply.

  45. Noe confidence in the treasury: failed.

  46. Jenny has a giant tea strainer.

  47. We sort out the signatories for the bank.

  48. Claire is shopping for wedding dresses.

  49. 'Is it still called "kitchen roll" if you use it in the bedroom?' - Owen.

  50. Minutes of last meeting have been retrieved.

  51. Cristopher Robin decides on hung matters.

  52. 'Gosh he's well hung': hung: Jenny decides against.

  53. You get more conversation from biscuit crumbs than members of Peterhouse.

  54. Anna needs educating with a big stick.

  55. Andrew can't write minutes at all: passed
  56. [55. Rosie is not much better]

  57. Technical faliure, Ben provides music.

  58. Ben sings again.

  59. We converted one person during Elevation.

  60. We talk about 10 Fitz Street last year.

  61. Adult penguin jokes (12" carrots...)

  62. 'The Guardian has no connection with the real world', 'None of you have any class, style, learning...' - Ben.

  63. Jenny won't give 80p to Ben if he doesn't shut up.

  64. 'If you get it, it's hilariously funny' - Andrew

  65. Ben and others laugh at Andrew's New Joke.

  66. Rob and Keeley leave.

  67. Reading, In Which a Search is Organised or Organdized.

  68. 'Will someone wake me up on Monday morning?' - Ben

  69. Jenny imagines Andrew is soft and succulent and exeedingly good.

  70. He claims to have more than 964kJ per serving though.

  71. Jenny and Owen argue about Honey And Condensed Milk.

  72. We must get The Jam on the website.

  73. Jeny and Ben want to send teachers forms to fill in.

  74. Ben will take the WAGN letter to Granny. Maybe we'll get it oublished in his train magazine.

  75. Can you not all look at me and stare at me?: passed

  76. Debbie's matriculating, and might get accomodation.

  77. Meeting closed.

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