Minutes Of The Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting Of The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society - Sunday 18th March 2001 (or alternatively Wednesday 3rd May 2001)

Held In: Room 6, 10 Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge

Present : Owen, Richard, Debbie, Ben, Jenny, Rosie, Rosie's And Jenny's Parents

Apologies : None

  1. Owen opens the meeting shortly after 4 pm.

  2. We discuss the foot and mouth crisis. Owen could be placed under quarantine.

  3. Ben has underestimated how long it will take. He and Jenny are 45 miles away.

  4. Terrorists are not allowed to take milk or meat across the Irish border.

  5. How many live in fellows does Pembroke have?

  6. Conversation moves onto:However there is no mention of pooh in any of these topics.

  7. It's nearly 50 years since the last Coronation

  8. Apparently Henry VIII was the king after George V in 1936. However, he didn't have so many wives this time.

  9. We look on the BBC's website about the latest story about Disney's rights to pooh. However, Ben and Jenny arrive, so it is decided more tea is required. We upgrade to the bigger teapot

  10. No body has gone to Oxford since the Duke of Windsor. That must be why they are struggling to put together a poohsticks team (no people).

  11. Ben claims that he and Jenny were very close to Owen's house. However, we check in an atlas and find they made it only 2/3 of the way there.

  12. Mr & Mrs Norton

  13. Ben would like to try the Prince of Wales.

  14. Rosie arrives with her parents, but has to run off to pack. She leaves the minutes and her parents.

  15. What's in the Prince of Wales. Darjeeling? Lapsang? Anything else?

  16. Apparantly the bell ringer rang bells, but didn't ring bells

  17. Once again Owen fails to be able to read his handwriting while typing up the minutes. However it appears to be something about "heating up old men", this is immediately preceeded by one word beginning with a G (any ideas?)

  18. The minutes of the meeting on Saturday 10th March 2001 are read. The spelling is criticised especially Niel (which is not spelt Nile either), we ask Rosie to spell Neil when she returns. Is Claire still shopping for a wedding dress?

  19. Rosie's Parents are going whether they take Rosie or not. They take Rosie, but she leaves us ice cream and fruit juice.

  20. No dambusters for computers in DAMTP

  21. How does Wednesday play football?

  22. Owen has a lot of testaments. Maybe we could read a word from each.

  23. Votes to censure the James for being uninterested in the reading F:4 A:0 Ab: 1 - carried

  24. It snowed on the A14 and on the way to the Co-op. Why did Owen take the A14 to the Co-op?

  25. Owen has two big testaments. One of them is abridged

  26. Ben makes a peking, speaking joke and somehow manages to avoid censure.

  27. Reading: Old Testament, Chapter III - In Which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a woozle. During which the following Freudian slips are made:

  28. People generally lose interest in tea (herassy!!), so we downgrade teapots again

  29. Next Weeks Meeting will be in 7A, Boltoph Lane

  30. Votes to close F:2 A:2 Ab:1. Christopher Robin decides for - carried

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