Minutes of the Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 24th of March 2001 in 7a Bartoph Lane.

Present: Richard, Neil, Debbie, Ben.

Apologies: None

Visitor: Henry

  1. The meeting is opened

  2. Owen should be on a train now

  3. Ben evicts Henry

  4. The hotel milk had a lump in it.

  5. CULES is spoken about

  6. We have potatoes

  7. Univision

  8. Ben played pantomine dames

  9. More CULES

  10. Richard, when young, wanted to be a doctor

  11. Ben's new glasses are cleaner then his old ones

  12. Ben reads the minutes

  13. The minutes are interupped to talk about bells

  14. Ben resumes reading the minutes

  15. 5 years of poohsoc minutes will sum up Ben's life

  16. History of poohsoc

  17. When there were 20--25 people, 3 found it difficult to get into the room

  18. Past members are mentioned

  19. The cermony of the pronunciation of cakes is mentioned

  20. Will poohsoc still be around in 50 years

  21. CULES has being around for around 35 years

  22. There was an open window over the cam

  23. Richard fell into the cam.

  24. Some previous members of CULES were quite ecentric

  25. Votes to censure Neil for not drinking tea during poohsoc - Failed
    For:1 Against:1 Absentions:1

  26. The jaffa cakes have become a victim of "product shrinkage"

  27. Mothers day is later in America

  28. If you live in the UK and your mother lives in America when do you send your mothers day card?

  29. Ben got a box of half price quality streets in WHSmith

  30. Ben shows us the box, but doesn't offer us any

  31. Ben's droppy beeswax candle is like the inside of his teapot.

  32. Soaps, marmelade and candles

  33. March March March

  34. Master of Arts and Master of Grammer

  35. We Read: Us Two and Disobedience

  36. Ben reads 3 poems by Dorothy Parker

  37. Queen Victoria died 100 years ago

  38. Dorothy Parker died 60 years ago

  39. Ben reads another Dorothy Parker poem

  40. and another

  41. Next Saturdays meeting will not be on

  42. Votes to close: For 2, Against 1, Absentions 1

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