Minutes Of The Quasi-Definitive Meeting

The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh Society

18 January 2003

Present:Owen, John-h, Adam, Martin, Alison, Rosy, Rachel C, Rachel H, Naath, Dunstan, David & Catherine
Guests:Corinne & Jack
Apologies:Rosie, Jenny, Roz & Richard
Minuted By:Owen & John-h
Held In:Room 205, Kennedy Building, Newnham; Room 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens & The Kitchen, 3 Selwyn Gardens.

  1. Owen, John-h and Adam arrive at the Porter's lodge to meet everyone else only to find them already gone. Owen therefore opens the meeting. Votes that this is the definitive meeting no matter what motion Martin proposes in any other meeting (F:2 A:0 Ab:0 - motion carried, vetoed and contested). The meeting is now quasi-definitive. Votes to censure everyone who's not here (F:2 A:0 Ab:0 - motion carried).

  2. We arrive at Naath's room and the minutes are passed over to the secretary. However, he neglects to minute, so the president claims them back again.

  3. Neil proposes to Martin.

  4. John-h takes over minuting.

  5. A friendly face was hung.

  6. Um mmmm

  7. "Do you mind if I lean backwards into you" - Adam

  8. "Then why bend a perfectly good one" - House At Pooh Corner, Chapter 2

  9. Make it wiggle

  10. Neil is aiming to fail.

  11. Naaths walls have a negative thickness. We discuss the implications of this, but before we can come to any definite conclusions David stands up and shuffles round in an odd circle thing.

  12. Absurd noises are made by Adam.

  13. Alison thinks that the thing in her sleeve is her arm. However, no proof of this conjecture was produced, so we will never know.

  14. We make a move toward 3 Selwyn Gardens (except Jack & Corinne who go home). Neil claims it's check mate, but we know better.

  15. The doors in Newnham are fire hazards (or so they claim).

  16. "Aghhh" - Adam doing something (possibly melting) down an unexpected step as John-h's handwriting becomes illegible.

  17. They move, but you don't disappear so you fire a machine gun at them.

  18. Breakfast order (we will cook Owen at the time):

    NameEggSausagesBaconBlack PuddingWaffleFried BreadMushroomsTomatoesBeansPaid
    Rachel CN22(un)NYYNNNY
    Rachel HN1(l)2(un)NNYgYYY
    Dunstanf22(sm)smidgenfrequentlysmidgen (see pudding)gNNY

  19. Wooden spoons are all the rage in Luton.

  20. John-h twiddles his knob in a downward direction.

  21. How often do you want to try a something? Once again John's handwriting become illegible, but it looks like a ground mother, so how often do you want to try a ground mother?

  22. The other set of minutes come through from the other room to keep this set company. They bring Martin with them.

  23. Votes to censure everyone in the other room for talking about non-Pooh related material (F: 4, A: 0, Ab: 0 - motion carried). At this point it should be noted that the people now present in the kitchen are: John-h, Owen, Martin & David

  24. Rachel C runs away

  25. As does David (but not with Rachel, unless they met up somewhere outside)

  26. Owen takes over minuting again as we enter the other room to eat.

  27. Neil & Alison want to blow up the White House

  28. "If you say not not not you are bound to need a tiddly-pom somewhere in the middle" or so Neil tells us.

  29. The society

  30. Mustard

  31. 5 minutes is hardly "ish"

  32. See, those last 5 weren't "ish" at all.

  33. ; ,

  34. There is a slight interlude as the minutes return to the kitchen

  35. John-h takes over minuting

  36. Everyone in the other room are still talking about non-pooh related material. Votes to censure them (F:3, A: 0, Ab: 1 - motion carried). At this point the people present in the kitchen (i.e. those that are not censured) are Owen, John-h, Adam & Rosy.

  37. John-h tries to move the topic of conversation onto Neil's hair and succeeds. Neil's hair should be cut off (F: 2 A: 0 Ab:1 Washing Up: 1 - motion carried). Neil's hair is CONventional (F: 3 A: 0 Ab: 1 - motion carried).

  38. Owen is going back and forth between the two rooms, so we get edited highlights of the conversation next door. They're talking about the reduced version of the Internet.

  39. Naath is not going to wash her hair until she is king. Votes to mandate Naath to either wash her hair or not come to meetings (F: 4 A: 0 Ab: 1 - motion carried).

  40. Hindbound traditions

  41. Votes to censure everyone in the other room for still talking about non-pooh related material (F: 5, A: 0, Ab: 0 - motion carried). Votes to censure them as many times as Neil has been censured (F: 5, A: 0, Ab: 0 - motion carried). Neil has been censured.

  42. Owen looks dashing dashing in (and he didn't write this one)

  43. At the request of minute 41 the minutes renumerate from the value before the interlude. Meanwhile a search for multi-coloured tea commences.

  44. The sets of minutes both need 1 more, so that the other set has exactly 3 times as many minutes as this one. This being the all important minute and so it has now happened. Wasn't that exciting?!

  45. The search continues for multi-coloured tea

  46. Let's allow the feminists something - the invention of the bin for example

  47. Random noises that sound like words is a bit like Geordie

  48. Neil's hair reminds John-h of an Escher painting. He doesn't say which one though?

  49. Alison's face tilted slightly upwards.

  50. Put your head through here and then you can reach the door. However, where here is will have to remain unknown.

  51. The previous minute has been cast out of existence never to appear on this set of minutes again not even at 5 am a week next Tuesday.

  52. Votes to close: Failed!

  53. John-h just can't take Rolf Harris. He doesn't say where, perhaps it's the same place as you need to put your head through to reach the door?

  54. The fastest drawer of Owen's desk is the bottom left one. John-h and Dunstan checked.

  55. Tiddely Pom (Failed)

  56. John-h - "The Kings Breakfast"

  57. Neil failed. He said he was aiming to do this earlier, so he has now succeeded.

  58. John-h is preparing "Halfway Down", which doesn't need that much preparation having already been prepared by A.A. Milne.

  59. Naath - "King Hillary & The Beggarman"

  60. John-h - "At The Zoo"

  61. Rosy went to a production of Jesus Christ Superstar in Vienna (not during the meeting, but sometime in the past, she was just telling us at this point).

  62. John-h has a hammer at "Shoes & Stockings"

  63. Naath exclaims that she is a Doughnut

  64. We should keep Owen's big toe out of the minutes (Passed)

  65. John Kettley is a weatherman (Passed). This is in spite the fact that he resigned in 2000.

  66. A giraffe in an orange juice carton.

  67. Votes to close both meetings (Passed)

  68. To avoid confusion it is noted here, before these minutes are read, that they are printed double-sided.

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