Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 18/01/2003 in Rm. 205, Kennedy, Newnham

Present: Martin, Naath, Rachel, Rachel, Rosy, Jon, Dunstan, Alison, Owen, John-h, Adam, Neil, Catherine, David, Ecstatic, Vis*2

Apologies: Rosie, Jenny, and Roz

  1. Martin opens the meeting in the absence of Owen

  2. Itís ok heís arrived

  3. The constitution exam

  4. Star aniseed

  5. We should all climb on the table: Passed

  6. We should commend the tea for not requiring tea: Passed

  7. Votes to commend the um-er um-er um-er get on with it: Passed

  8. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  9. Votes to let votes visit: Passed

  10. It may have been improperly failed because Owen forgot how to count: Passed

  11. You poured boiling oil over people: Failed

  12. Its what the minute writers supervisor ought to have though he ought to have wrote: Passed

  13. Naath would love to explain to college how she broke her bed by having 10 people on it: Passed

  14. Give or take the law: Passed

  15. We would like to be in the united people of Naathís room country: Passed

  16. Votes to censure Naath for talking about non-pooh related material: Passed

  17. Votes to censure everyone discussing Harry potter: Passed

  18. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 12/01/2003 are read by Alison, Rachel and Owen

  19. Votes to censure Neil for not bringing any mince pies last week: Passed

  20. Votes to censure Alison for not holding the piece of paper: Passed

  21. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  22. Votes to censure Owen for not holding the honey: Passed

  23. Votes to censure Neil for not lying face down in the river going "Iím ok": Passed

  24. Secret telepathic motion

  25. Short cake, short cake, short cake: Failed

  26. Votes to not censure Neil: Hung VCR against

  27. Thereís easily room for two people in there: Passed

  28. Votes that Alison should be one of them: Passed

  29. Votes that Martin should be the other: Passed

  30. IT

  31. Votes to put it in the minutes: Passed

  32. Rosy should be quite frightened and go and see a psychiatrist: Failed

  33. Weíre going to interrogate David: Passed

  34. David needs a cake stand to spin on: Passed

  35. You might say itís immoral to make students sweat blood performing impossible tasks: Failed

  36. Votes to censure Alison for even thinking: Passed

  37. Martin: Passed and vetoed

  38. Votes to mandate Neil to propose 2 Martin: Passed

  39. Votes for 2 Martin: Passed

  40. Votes to move on: Passed

  41. A friendly face: Hung

  42. Letter to Egmont books is read out by Naath

  43. Reading: In which Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast

  44. Do people like Alisonís Bings

  45. Neil is sharing with Dunstan because Dunstanís is bigger: Passed

  46. Neil will do Kanga, Passed and vetoed

  47. Votes to censure the Committee: Hung VCR decides for vetoed

  48. Votes to get on with the reading: Passed

  49. Votes to not have that vote and just get on with the reading: Passed

  50. The reading actually starts

  51. Naath has to put more effort into her reading

  52. Neil is very motherly: Passed

  53. Votes to censure whoever just rang up for interrupting the reading: Passed

  54. Adam is joking: Passed

  55. Adam is joking permanently: Passed

  56. Naathís neighbor is at the door: Passed

  57. Votes to censure the door for knocking and then running away: Passed

  58. Votes to move to Owenís room: Passed

  59. Naath has spilt boiling water on her testaments

  60. David is still sitting down: Passed

  61. Owen is juggling teapots: Passed

  62. "Itís not just creamy its sugary" Alison

  63. You canít wrap parcels up with words

  64. Votes for the people to go into the kitchen one at a time: Passed

  65. Rachel is privileged to be the only person in the world with plastic: Passed

  66. There could be an early class of mathematicians who wrote equations before they could speak: Passed

  67. Itís a plate

  68. Neil is clever incarnate: Hung VCR against

  69. "I desire breakfast" Naath

  70. Votes to mandate Alison to make Martin breakfast: Passed

  71. If breakfast is served in the middle of the afternoon it is the fault of the day for being wrong: Passed

  72. Martin is satisfied: Failed

  73. Weíre not in good company: Passed

  74. Adam thought she was going to make him eat it: Passed

  75. Votes to attack the room with tigger: Passed

  76. Taking Neil with out permission is not very nice: Passed

  77. Votes to censure Neil for attacking the room with roo who was unwittingly riding on tigger during the whole room attacking incident: Passed

  78. The artic circle is your dear wife: Passed

  79. "Iíd rather not, thank you" Rachel

  80. Votes to censure Neil for getting

  81. Next week E1, Buckingham, Magdalene

  82. Lots of non-society related material is going on.

  83. "You withdraw anything interesting" Alison to Martin

  84. If Naath marries her uncle sheíll be living like a king

  85. There is no middle: Hung

  86. John-h gets excited by a flame

  87. We donít know who Mikee is

  88. Adam plays musical chairs on his own with no music and moving the chair as well as the person

  89. Hopefully we wonít die: Passed

  90. The only place for unsmoked bacon cooked in smoked bacon grease is on top of Cumberland: Passed

  91. A bit of it will brighten John-hís day: Passed

  92. Weheee: Passed

  93. We donít have to fry Gordon Brown: Passed

  94. Owen has an internal waffle timer: Passed

  95. John-h can do anything: Hung

  96. The handle on the frying pan needs screwing back on

  97. If Neil were covered in sugar he would be sweet and innocent second year: Passed

  98. Rosy is called Miss Hearing at the moment: Passed

  99. The more it snows is renditioned

  100. Can we have votes to censure them for talking about politics: Passed

  101. I think: Passed

  102. Votes to censure Neil: Failed

  103. Votes to commend the cook: Passed

  104. 2 minutes in a minute

  105. Donít insult Adam itís cruel: Failed

  106. The society

  107. Society pilgrimage to the original manuscripts: Hung

  108. World poohsticks championship

  109. ľ blue letter

  110. Neil should take part in the next reclaim the night march: Passed

  111. Thereís no streetlights anywhere: Passed

  112. Full reverse

  113. Votes to censure the people not helping with the washing up: Passed

  114. Votes to commend Martin for being able to write pointless minutes so quickly: Passed

  115. Owens tea

  116. We both need one more minute so that this set of minutes has three times as many as the other minutes

  117. That last one was the all-important minute making the difference

  118. Owen isnít here at the moment: Passed

  119. Martin thinks Neil has developed a: Hung

  120. Votes to sing happy birthday to A.A. Milne so loud that he can hear us: Passed

  121. The loyal toast while holding a piece of toast

  122. We could toast Alison if we got a large enough fire: Passed

  123. Votes to censure them for distorting the works of A.A. Milne by inappropriate use of tiddely pom: Passed

  124. Alison and Naath are tied together

  125. Adam and Dunstan are tied up to a drawer

  126. Neil was censured: Passed

  127. Adamís fireplace is all of Cambridge: Passed

  128. John-h should read the kingís breakfast: Passed

  129. DJ Owen mixing the smurfs and the psalms

  130. Neil failed to reclaim his pen

  131. John-h is not going to read all the poems in order: Passed

  132. Naath: The invaders

  133. John-h Happiness

  134. Martin says no: Passed

  135. Rosy should leave the room and tell a story: Failed

  136. Martin is a girl: Passed

  137. You canít tell stories like that: Passed

  138. Owen has nice flowers: Passed

  139. Votes to keep Owens big toe out of the minutes: Passed

  140. John-h will never say anything ever again: Passed

  141. Votes to close: Passed

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