Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 12/01/2003 in Rm. 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens.

Present: Owen, Martin, Rachel, Naath, John-h, Rosy, Rachel, Neil, David, Alison,

Apologies: Roz, Catherine, Jenny, Rosie

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. The dinner

  3. Moving

  4. Votes to close the meeting people are having elsewhere: Passed

  5. Being chauffer driven to meetings

  6. Does the nearly ginger cake, which isnít ginger bread want to be toast

  7. Naath spells that in the same way she spells her name

  8. Owen couldnít bring a tea spoon through as they where all in the room anyway

  9. Letter from the council read by Rosy

  10. Neil suggested he could provide some persuasion and Rachel was very accommodating

  11. Votes to censure Rachel for letting on she is in on the plot: Passed

  12. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  13. Votes to commend the man from the council for writing the letter: Passed

  14. No graduates of the university are as strange as Martin: Passed

  15. Votes to censure John-h for bringing an offensive book to a meeting: Passed

  16. We should fail a motion sooner or later: Failed

  17. We should call it a non-flying non-saucer: Passed

  18. Failed: Passed

  19. Anywhere Neil goes he has to take the paying in book and pay in a pound of the societies money to get a new stamp: Passed

  20. We should carry on with the "Iím on the committee so shove over": Passed

  21. Naath never thinks ever: Passed

  22. Neil has to carry on with his fairytale: Passed

  23. Genesis 1 verse 20 something

  24. Votes to censure Neil for getting: Passed

  25. Votes to censure all of us for missing the dinner: Passed

  26. Votes to mandate all the non-mathmos to change to maths: Passed

  27. Rachel reads the minutes of the poohsoc meeting held 30/11/02 to 07/12/02

  28. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  29. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 07/12/2002 are read by Rosy, Rachel, Neil, Naath, Alison, Owen, visitor

  30. Black pepper in the cake

  31. Itís just Neil having a heart attack nothing to worry about: Passed

  32. The society is never incorrect: Passed

  33. No-comment: Passed

  34. Wooooooooo: Passed

  35. Rosy doesnít think: Passed

  36. If we carry on this way no one will think: Passed

  37. Neil will apologize to Roz when he sees her: Passed

  38. Neil will be censured: Passed

  39. We should carry on with the minutes: Passed

  40. Rachel and Neil should visit Rosy together: Passed

  41. If you work with Alison it is impossible to not be infatuated with her: Passed

  42. Anything still in Cambridge in the second week is static: Passed

  43. The secretary really has a dirty mind: Passed

  44. Neil has to bring twice as many mince pies next week as he bought this week: Passed

  45. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  46. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held 14/12/2002 are read by John-h

  47. Martin makes half the minutes up: Failed

  48. Martin makes all of it up: Passed

  49. Nobody in the whole world fed someone

  50. Votes to censure the whole of poohsoc except for Neil 7,000 times: Hung VCR decides against

  51. Owen should always be under his desk: Hung VCR decides against

  52. Alison has to hold that piece of paper forever more: Passed

  53. Votes to Mandate Neil to lie face down in the river shouting "Iím OK" if heís ever thrown in: Passed

  54. : Passed

  55. Draping herself over Martin is part of Alisonís duty: Passed Failed

  56. Rosyís stuck in her mug

  57. Reading: In which a search is organized, and Piglet meets the heffalump again

  58. Votes to mandate Martin to minute whatever Owen just said: Passed

  59. Owen was guzzling the water during the reading

  60. You can be anything except smoking: Passed

  61. Alison is in love with Owen: Failed

  62. Votes to censor Neil out of all the minutes: Failed

  63. Owen, John-h, Rachel and Rosy read a section of the previous reading but this time in Dutch.

  64. Rachel twice times

  65. Skimmed condensed milk

  66. Formal breakfast next week after the meeting

  67. The cake was a recipe for cooking bacon

  68. Postpone poohsticks until we get round to it: Passed

  69. John-h is just pretty: Failed

  70. Owen has to bring a shoehorn: Passed

  71. Kennedy 205 Newnham

  72. Itís an amazing maze and its far from useful: Passed

  73. 1st Feb this year is 1st Feb last year: Passed

  74. Naath lines and Squares

  75. John-h forgotten

  76. Alison sneezles

  77. Owen Buckingham palace

  78. Rosy Bad sir Brian Botany

  79. Rachel Dormouse and the doctor

  80. Naath disobedience

  81. Votes to close: Passed

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