Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 30/11/2002 to 07/12/2002 outside Cripps court, Rm.4 19A Lyndewode Road, Outside Pembroke, Fitzpatrick hall Queens, Ivy court Pembroke.

Present: Martin, Owen, Roz, Ecstatic, John-h, Alison, Dunstan, Naath, Jon, Rosy, and Ian

Apologies: Jenny, Rosie

  1. Owen reopens the meeting

  2. People head their separate ways

  3. Martinís room is way too tidy according to Alison

  4. Dunstan is having spaghetti for lunch

  5. Votes to censure Dunstan for ignoring Alison: Passed

  6. Votes to censure Dunstan for not waving: Passed

  7. Martin has never seen the film before: Passed

  8. "It makes a racket when it vibrates" Alison

  9. "You should be more forceful" Alison to John-h

  10. Alison doesnít want to be under Martin: Hung

  11. I was going to say I have nothing personal you canít see: Passed

  12. Votes to commend Jon for bringing the book to the film: Passed

  13. There is always a dark lord: Passed

  14. "Hello" - Ian

  15. The meeting held on 07/12/2002

  16. Votes to close: Passed

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