Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extra-constitutional Meeting held on the 07/12/2002 in C3, third Court, St. Johns.

Present: Adam, Rosy, Rachel, Owen, Martin, Ecstatic, Tom, Nail, Alison, Jenny, Double headed Dave

Guests: Jenny, Laura, and Megan

Apologies: Rosie, Roz, John-h, Rachel, Adam and others

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Dismembering members

  3. Adamís friend lives in the room above and my fall through the ceiling

  4. Votes to censure Martin for going home for Christmas: Passed

  5. Votes to let the visitors vote: Passed

  6. Nobody minds Green tea: Passed

  7. Rachel has succeeded in not making sense: Passed

  8. Owen always wears his friendsí socks: Passed

  9. Lets eat some of this food: Passed

  10. Lets get the proctor to do it for us: Passed

  11. Owenís never had a cup of tea before: Passed

  12. The meeting is not open weíre just voting for the fun of it: Passed

  13. Owen reopens the meeting

  14. Votes to commend Double headed Dave for bringing a mug: Passed

  15. 3 of them 3: Passed

  16. Votes to have a campaign to get the other 4 muffins free: Passed

  17. Votes to rename the society the Winnie-the-supermarket society: Failed

  18. Getting lost in colleges

  19. You donít need to check exactly what Iím writing: Passed

  20. On second thoughts donít come in: Failed

  21. We have £16 GAC allocation this year: Hung visitor decides for

  22. Itís green tea and a green carpet and that makes it less damp: Passed

  23. Neil inhales tea: Passed

  24. Anyone who hasnít given Owen money has to: Passed

  25. Votes to ask Adamís friends if he has insulted them yet: Passed

  26. Weíre going to have to censure Adam again: Passed

  27. Adamís green tea is not very green: Passed

  28. We would be in trouble if it were green when it was supposed to be orange: Passed

  29. Votes to commend the foreign secretary for actually doing their duty: Passed

  30. Votes that the foreign secretary should write back asking for the compliments that they forgot to include in the letter: Passed and vetoed

  31. Owen reads the reply from the council

  32. You see cars driving: Passed

  33. That he was trying to get his pen to work and by that point he thought it was better: Passed

  34. Tom likes spirograph better: Passed

  35. Ask for Robert kemp: Passed

  36. There are no sensible members in the society: Hung VCR against

  37. We should give up the last motion as a lost case: Passed

  38. Donít ask a sensible question in poohsoc: Passed

  39. Laura should get a more helpful name: Passed

  40. If sheís got sense she wonít: Failed

  41. You have the power to decide whether you want to be a signatory on the bank account or not: Passed

  42. Neil holds John-h: Passed

  43. Neil canít argue with us: Passed

  44. Cardamom pods

  45. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 30/11/2002 are read by Neil, Adam, Tom, Alison, Rachel, Rachel, Owen and a visitor

  46. Votes to censure Neil for not keeping track of all temporary posts: Passed

  47. Votes to censure Neil for the sentence being too long: Passed

  48. Only one person can talk at a time: Passed

  49. We should refer to John-h as king John-anyway for the duration of the meeting: Passed

  50. Rachel needs to develop Neilís technique of just getting up and leaving: Passed

  51. Rosyís making herself heavy: Passed

  52. Martin should censor himself: Passed

  53. Weíre nice to Neil: Passed

  54. Youíll get more worried before you get less: Passed

  55. Votes to censure Martin for not spelling it write: Passed

  56. Votes to ban looking at vet notes during society meetings: Passed

  57. If anyone calls the cow by the wrong name we will transfer all of Neilís censures onto him or her: Failed

  58. The society is never incorrect: Hung VCR decides against

  59. Adam has to write this down: Passed

  60. Votes to censure Neil for that: Passed

  61. Votes to hang the vice Christopher Robin: Failed

  62. Votes to declare the next minute 502: Passed

  63. It was a very interesting motion: Passed

  64. Owwwwwwwwwww: Passed

  65. Votes to mandate Martin to get a red nostril bladder: Passed

  66. Itís a c.d. (or was that seedy) this week: Passed

  67. "Iím an extension" Adam

  68. Adam is an extension of the society: Passed

  69. Votes that the foreign secretary should write to Cambridge county council: Passed and vetoed

  70. No-ones collected the coasters yet: Passed

  71. Votes to mandate Neil to mbbblllblblblblbblbl: Passed

  72. Votes to commend Neil on the above: Passed

  73. Votes that Neil should start a mug collection: Passed

  74. Votes to have a reading: Passed

  75. You would be the ideal person, Alison: Passed

  76. Votes to read something from Winnie-the-Pooh: Passed

  77. Votes to censure Roz for suggesting Harry Potter: Passed

  78. Votes to censure Neil for getting the wrong name: Passed

  79. Votes to censure Alison for suggesting Harry Potter: Passed

  80. We should all scream help at Jon: Passed

  81. We should all scream help at Adam: Passed

  82. Adamís a good pooh: Passed

  83. Jenny comes into the room and immediately switches the light off

  84. Jenny should shout seconded: Failed

  85. Reading: In which Pooh goes visiting and gets stuck in a tight place

  86. Votes to mandate Martin to take a "bow of silence": Passed

  87. You can never have too many Jelly babies: Passed

  88. WE should vote 12: Passed

  89. Votes to censure everyone for not starting earlier: Passed

  90. Votes to censure the minutes: Passed

  91. Rachel Roo is Neil, Neil is Rachel: Passed

  92. Rachel has an identity crisis: Passed

  93. We should get someone to sit on the Christopher Robin and stop her from interrupting the reading, and it should be Neil: Passed

  94. Votes to allow Neil not to sit on Jenny: Passed

  95. Rachel wants Neil to go and sit on her: Failed

  96. Votes to say oh-err to Neil: Passed

  97. Everyone should sit on Jennyís knee: Failed

  98. Jenny requests only cute, small freshers

  99. "Oh those are nice testaments" Jenny to Rachel

  100. Votes that someone should take the mini rolls to Santa on Christmas Eve: Passed

  101. Votes to make Jenny a cold up of tea: Passed

  102. We never forbid her to do so: Passed

  103. Votes to censure Santa for not having enough crackers: Passed

  104. Neil has to read all the minutes: Passed

  105. Neil will visit Rosy at a random point: Passed

  106. "Do you get a cramped hand" visitor to Martin

  107. We should go to 250: Failed

  108. Votes to censure the James for not being here: Passed

  109. Lord of the Rings is actually written by A.A. Milne: Passed

  110. Alison has [stolen the rest of this minute by the looks of it]

  111. Votes to censure the VCR for mentioning non-pooh related material: Passed

  112. Itís irrelevant whether what happened, happened: Passed

  113. Votes to censure the Christopher Robin for drinking hot tea: Passed

  114. Rachel wants to Neil on Rachel

  115. Neil who is really Rachel is just confused: Passed

  116. Votes to elect confused to Roo in residence: Passed

  117. Votes to name confused Rachel: Passed

  118. The box of mince pies is completely empty: Passed

  119. It may implode because of the pressure: Passed

  120. Votes to censure the air for not going into the box: Passed

  121. That Jenny is still working there is a miracle: Passed

  122. Alison has enough stalkers without publicizing her details on the web: Passed

  123. Putting Alisonís picture on her website would discourage stalkers: Hung Christopher Robin decides against

  124. Christopher Robinís anger is what would discourage the stalkers: Failed

  125. Rachel spent most of her time in holes in floors: Passed

  126. Alison thought it was something entirely different: Passed

  127. Alison is confused now: Passed

  128. Everyone is confused: Passed

  129. This is getting silly and we should all stop for a minute while Martin writes crazily on a piece of paper: Passed

  130. Adam knows he wants to: Passed

  131. We should never put the minutes in context: Failed

  132. Cambridge is going to be totally abandoned next week apart from Martin, Alison and Ecstatic: Passed

  133. Martin is never ever pedantic: Passed

  134. Neil should test a theory: Passed

  135. 25 Ĺ points for the society

  136. The society awards points as it sees fit: Passed

  137. Votes to censure the VCR for voting without making a sound: Passed

  138. "Come over here and open your mouth" Neil

  139. "You should include a thrusting motion" Alison

  140. "I donít want a thrusting motion" Rachel

  141. Rachel didnít know that Neilís foot wrote books: Passed

  142. Neil should convert the books into a million pounds and put it into the societies bank account given us enough money to buy back copies of the books: Passed

  143. Itís mongeese: Failed

  144. Give up: Passed

  145. Leaving tomorrow is completely pointless: Passed

  146. Tomorrow: Failed

  147. Neilís never been to a poohsoc meeting: Passed

  148. Votes to call the person who holds the John-h Neil: Passed

  149. Votes to call the person who holds the John-h Susan: Hung CR is eating a mince pie

  150. Neil has to bring mince pies to every meeting: Passed

  151. Frequently the minuter has an impossible task: Failed

  152. People can only vote with their voting hand: Passed

  153. Martinís confused: Passed

  154. Adams death is too insignificant to minute: Passed

  155. Votes to censure Rachel for killing Cock Robin: Passed

  156. King Johnís Christmas: Martin

  157. Could you read it any faster?: Passed

  158. Votes to mandate Martin to read it faster: HUNG CR against

  159. Rachel - Buckingham palace

  160. Martinís evil: Passed

  161. Votes to censure Alison for adjusting the psalms: Passed

  162. Neil has better go and do some packing: Passed

  163. Rachel canít pack today: Failed

  164. Somebodyís eating Neilís book, thatís not very nice of them: Passed

  165. Votes to censure people for watching star wars next week: Passed

  166. Votes to censure people who went to lord of the rings: Passed

  167. Votes to blame it on Owen: Passed

  168. Votes to censure everyone for not closing it before Lord of the Rings: Passed

  169. Little Bo peep and little boy blue- Owen and Rachel

  170. Owen is always sitting here in Adamís fireplace: Passed

  171. Poohsticks first meeting next term

  172. World poohsticks championship

  173. Once youíve paid your pooh levy the society owns you: Passed

  174. Rachel is not allowed to touch her plate while using it: Passed

  175. "You did give it to me" Alison to Martin

  176. Martin is going mad on Friday: Passed

  177. Votes to mandate Martin to turn his phone on: Passed

  178. Votes to not have a party in the shower: Passed

  179. Alison wants a party in the shower: Passed

  180. We wonder who she wants to invite: Passed

  181. Alison tells us you need 7 people for a party according to Queens

  182. We donít want to hear what Adam hears at night: Passed

  183. If he had been talking in Swahili Alison could have heard it: Passed

  184. We should amalgamate them into one person: Failed

  185. Votes to commend Ecstatic on his musical ability: Passed

  186. Itís up to Martin and Owen: Passed

  187. Adam doesnít vote: Passed

  188. Votes to spread Martin and Owen around the world like butter: Passed and vetoed

  189. Martin always takes advantage of Roz: Passed

  190. Rachel is a humanity: Hung VCR against

  191. 8 years of Mathmo rule

  192. We have the right to censure anyone for crimes against humanity: Passed

  193. The general public are idiots: Passed

  194. Itís quite difficult to vote while being born: Passed

  195. Everyone should stand on a committee member: Passed

  196. Everyone should stand on a committee member on Sunday evening: Passed

  197. Votes to censure Martin and Owen: Failed

  198. Votes to censure Owen: Passed

  199. Weíre not allowed to censure Owen as often as we censure Neil: Passed

  200. The graduate command center is also known as the graduate parlour: Passed

  201. The turkeys should get us a graduate command center: Passed

  202. Votes for Martin to tell us what it says anyway: Passed

  203. Votes to close: Passed

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