Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 30/11/2002 in Rm. 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens, between Rm. 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens and M6 Cripps court and in M6 Cripps court.

Present: Martin, Roz, Owen, The cow, Catherine, David, John-h, Jon, Rachel, Rachel, Rosy, Dunstan, Naath, Peter*, Ross*

Apologies: Alison, Adam, Richard, Jenny, Rosie, Adam, Naath, Mair, Rachel (retrospectively for our mad behavior)

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Votes that the cow is a person and always has been a person: Passed

  3. We leave to head to Cripps court making sure the cake is protected by umbrellas

  4. The tree is in the cake

  5. "Itís better to play a back than a forward" - a stranger

  6. The elections are in there

  7. The cow is in a solid state

  8. "Itís the one with the ribbing" - John-h

  9. John-h was playing with the cow and ribbing

  10. Cloves

  11. Votes to censure John-h for reading non-pooh related material: Passed

  12. Votes to censure John-h for reading non-pooh related material: Passed

  13. Votes to censure John-h for reading non-pooh related material: Failed

  14. Sensually massaging cows makes them tastier

  15. "I didnít hear take them" Jon

  16. The minutes of the poohsoc committee meeting held on the 23/11/2002 are read by Naath

  17. Owen is a dictator: Passed

  18. Owen can dictate minutes: Failed

  19. Votes to mandate Roz to make tea with a fish finger: Passed

  20. Minutes of the poohsoc extraordinary general meeting held on the 23/11/2002 (part 1) are read by Rachel, Rachel, John-h and Dunstan

  21. Martinís face is evil: Passed

  22. Neil looks like Ned: Passed

  23. Can we have that vote again: Passed

  24. Alison was wearing socks: Passed

  25. John-h takes his top off at the mention of his nipples

  26. John-h ribs Roz again

  27. Votes to censure the Christopher Robin for not standing on her head: Passed

  28. Votes to censure the person for putting Disney stuff on the minutes: Passed

  29. There is only one person and it is the cow: Passed and vetoed

  30. Roz is not a person but a kangaroo (or a corporation): Passed

  31. A, z, b, t, g

  32. Votes that Martin has to put the maths in the minutes: Passed

  33. The letters are read by John-h and Roz and Naath

  34. Sir stroke madam: Passed

  35. Votes to mandate the foreign secretary to send the letter: Passed

  36. Votes to mandate the foreign secretary to send the letter: Passed

  37. Minutes of the poohsoc extraordinary general meeting held on the 23/11/2002 (part 2) are read by Catherine, Jon, Owen and Dunstan

  38. Votes to censure the entire society (except Martin) for censuring Martin: Hung VCR decides for

  39. By that point it was too late: Passed

  40. Jon suggests a foursome in pooh corner

  41. "Yes, yes, yes" John-h

  42. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 28/11/2002 are read by Roz

  43. The number 44 shall hereafter be referred to as whatsitsomething: Passed

  44. Rachel is getting very hot by the radiator so sheís twisting the knob but may have succeeded in turning it on

  45. Stop speaking: Passed

  46. NO-one has sent Owen a Slovak yet

  47. Vets - 69

  48. Votes to mandate David to get up: Passed

  49. Does that mean we have to go out and hunt pantomimes: Hung VCR decides for

  50. Naath, John-h

  51. Next weeks meeting C3, Third Court, St. Johns College

  52. Reading: In which Christopher Robin gives a pooh party and we say goodbye

  53. David is having problems breathing

  54. The cowbell is lovely: Passed

  55. Naath tried to go in the washbasin

  56. Davidís trying to eat as much of the last piece of cake as possible

  57. Mine fields

  58. Tea, cake, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Roo, Kanga, Wol, Owlís aunt

  59. Votes to try mating all the female members of the society in turn with the cow to produce a minatour: Passed

  60. Reading: Lines and squares - Roz

  61. Castrated male cows are unlucky

  62. This is a classic poohsoc: Hung vis decides against

  63. John-h - Shoes and stockings

  64. Naath - Bad Sir Brian Botany

  65. Owen - King Hilary and the Beggar man

  66. Roz - summer afternoon

  67. Rachel - The dormouse and the doctor

  68. Rachel - Teddy bear

  69. John-h - The invaders

  70. Owen - Noise

  71. People are allowed to read "The kings breakfast" only once a term: Passed

  72. Various people - disobedience

  73. Jon can think of some perfectly good reasons why John-h shouldnít be referred to as King John-h: Passed

  74. You should stroke the cow now: Passed

  75. John-h and ribbing the cow

  76. Naath - rice pudding

  77. Owen is going to read King Johnís Christmas: Passed and vetoed

  78. Votes that Owen canít read the poem: Passed

  79. Votes to close: Failed

  80. Votes to censure the cow for being bored with A.A. Milneís poetry: Passed

  81. Poor cow: Passed

  82. A heffalump trap for rabbits

  83. Votes to censure Neil for not using his back door: Passed

  84. Votes to censure Alice for going down with Christopher Robin instead of coming to the meeting: Passed

  85. Roz thinks that all teddy bears should be called Daphne: Passed

  86. "Go to the Christopher Robin, sheíll give you something"

  87. A box of tea and a train are quite different: Passed

  88. Catherine often has trains coming in through the window

  89. Owen always has stupid conversations: Passed

  90. Owen should censure himself: Passed

  91. Votes to censure Owen: Passed

  92. Votes to censure Neil 7,999 times (as 8,000 is too harsh): Passed

  93. John-h gets rather excited about Kanga bathing piglet

  94. Votes to censure that book for a blatant mistake: Passed

  95. Votes to write and tell them: Passed

  96. Votes to censure everybody who just said pony: Passed and veto hung

  97. Votes to censure everybody who just said pony: Passed

  98. Votes to censure everybody who just said true: Passed

  99. Roo is a rabbit: Passed

  100. Did Rabbit father Roo

  101. Votes to censure everybody who said false: Passed

  102. The map is authoritative: Passed

  103. Eeyore is a donkey: Passed

  104. Votes to censure everyone who just said elephant: Passed

  105. "Can somebody pass me my other testament" Rachel

  106. Nnnnnininin ninnininninn ninininininin bip: Passed

  107. A tick

  108. We should ask Christopher Robin if she is legless: Passed

  109. We could go and bang on his door and force him to join: Hung VCR decides for

  110. Votes to mandate Martin to do it: Passed

  111. Italy

  112. Votes to commend Martin for it: Passed

  113. Votes to commend Rosy for finding Rachelís other testament: Hung VCR decides for

  114. Martin canít count: Passed

  115. "Would you prefer rope" John-h to Martin

  116. Martin is very cheap anyway: Passed

  117. Votes to write an exam for Jon on the constitution: Passed

  118. Votes to do it at the first meeting next term: Passed

  119. Votes to invoke clauses 8, 15, 14, 5 and 25: Passed

  120. Votes to censure Neil for not bringing a hat: Passed

  121. Votes to do it in a straight way: Passed

  122. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  123. Why did Piglet cross the road?

  124. Votes to censure Roz for the bacon sandwich comment: Passed

  125. Votes that John-h has to read all the stories: Passed

  126. Votes to censure Owen and John-h for getting it wrong: Passed

  127. Life is happier with a cow in your hand: Passed

  128. Owen is going from there to there, so Rachel Roo can have the chair: Passed

  129. Rachel wants to send hugs to random people over the phone

  130. Itís super cow: Passed

  131. This cow has lumbar spinal vertebrae: Passed

  132. Everyone has to remember to find out if Martin has forgotten: Passed

  133. We offer a happy life to all our members: Passed

  134. "Do you want one" Roz to Martin

  135. Arousal of sheep

  136. "Problems will occur if the arousal is too high"

  137. We donít want to arouse a sheep: Passed

  138. "You have to be able to straddle the sheep in order to be able to control it" Catherine

  139. We learn how Catherine is going to handle piglet

  140. She is calling us remnants: Passed

  141. Votes to censure the window: Passed

  142. Catherine wants to tick off a cow: Passed

  143. Is the cow in good condition - yes

  144. Help!, Help!, Help!

  145. Owen is trying to ride the cow

  146. Roz should give martin ecstasy: Passed

  147. "I donít know whether I should do you" John-h to Owen

  148. Oh dear: Passed

  149. Oh Owen: Passed

  150. You should put someone in their case when you have finished with them: Passed

  151. Itís always the quite ones: Passed

  152. It may be getting time to close: Passed

  153. Votes to close: Failed

  154. Disney has copyrighted house building: Passed

  155. Votes to censure everyone who isnít listening: Hung visitor decides for

  156. "Patrick are you for or against" Catherine

  157. John-h swing song

  158. John-h was coughing and it accidentally came out: Hung vis decides for

  159. Heís put it away again though Roz checks

  160. Are bears warm blooded?

  161. Rosyís going to be busy over Christmas: Passed

  162. You can get a smoke pattern of sooty: Passed

  163. Votes to make a parrot a category in voting for the remainder of the meeting: Passed

  164. Can we ask him if he is a floor or a ceiling: Passed

  165. Patrick is a floor but we canít walk across him

  166. Votes to close: a parroted

  167. Roz is Othello: Passed

  168. We should probably go away soon: Passed

  169. Pieces of 8: Passed

  170. Pieces of 8: Failed

  171. Pieces of 8: abstained

  172. Pieces of 8: a parroted

  173. Acarroted is in the past: Passed

  174. Votes to have a carrot as a category as well: Hung visitor decides for

  175. He is for: Passed

  176. Has he got a carrot in his pocket: Passed

  177. Catherine has been going through Patrickís pockets to get a carrot out: Passed

  178. Votes to mandate John-h to have a bath in his clothes: Passed

  179. Pieces of 8: a carroted

  180. Votes to stop mentioning pieces of 8: Hung visitor decides for

  181. Damn these minutes: Passed

  182. We should all be silent now Rachel has returned: Failed

  183. Roz likes things that are a carroted: Failed

  184. Pieces of 8: Spoilt

  185. John-h has been watching Roz

  186. Roz is very good technically at putting up her arms: Passed

  187. It is very silly to say a parrot and a carrot: Hung Visitors hung

  188. 200 minutes will take us to 8pm

  189. I think, I think, I think: Passed

  190. John-h wants to use him across the room: Passed

  191. The carrot is not very aerodynamic: Passed

  192. Roz puts the carrot in her pouch: Passed

  193. Votes to censure Roz for not having the Roos in her pouch: Hung

  194. "Allow me to invert the nipple of the carrot" John-h

  195. This is the nipple of the carrot: Passed

  196. If we rub it against Martin we can stick Martin to the wall: Passed

  197. John-h gives himself a paper cut on his face with the book

  198. "No, its my nipple" Roz to John-h

  199. Roz has cast away the carrot: Passed

  200. Votes to commend Martin for writing nearly 200 minutes: Failed

  201. Votes to commend Martin for writing over 200 minutes: Hung vis decides for

  202. Votes to censure Martin for seconding the motion to commend him: Passed

  203. Catherine really likes her corridor: Passed

  204. It is a shame that people have given up talking to themselves: a parrotde

  205. A poem as said by John-h: Passed

  206. N = what: Passed

  207. People can just ascend by themselves: Passed

  208. Jam, jam Yeah: Passed

  209. Owenís hair is fair enough: Passed

  210. Owen bought a mug this week: Hung visitor decides for

  211. Iím a clever: a parroted

  212. Whereís Neil, he doesnít have a hat: Passed

  213. Neil went to the M6: Passed

  214. Roz loves sheep: Passed

  215. Owen is a urial: Hung visitor decides for

  216. Weíve been breeding while no one is looking: Passed

  217. Owen is officially a urinal-h: Failed

  218. We should close fairly soon: Passed

  219. The bit on gibbons: Passed

  220. Wooooh look: Passed

  221. Lets not mention John-hís back passage: Passed

  222. Votes to close: Failed

  223. Look at that tongue: Passed

  224. Roz gets over excited by the tongue

  225. Itís a tiny southern blossom bat and you play tiny southern blossom with it: Passed

  226. Itís got an exceptionally long tongue with brush like projections, it makes the game much more fun: Passed

  227. Thatís only the bat you should see the balls: Passed

  228. John-h wants to stab bats backwards: Passed

  229. Shut up: Passed

  230. Unfinished fraud

  231. Catherine canít get rid of us: Passed

  232. Rachel feels a little sorry for Catherine: Passed

  233. Martin do you have a red nostril bladder: a carroted

  234. We should make the visitor ecstatic: Passed

  235. Votes to commend the visitor for stroking the cow: Passed

  236. We should have votes to let the visitor vote: Passed

  237. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  238. Owen thought it was a record last week: Passed

  239. The visitor has the carrot between his legs

  240. Heís holding the cow in a very casual manner: a parroted

  241. His washing is in the drier: Passed

  242. Roz is falling asleep: Passed

  243. The visitor is playing with the nipple of the carrot: Passed

  244. Would you like to feel ecstatic to stay awake: Passed

  245. Votes to call the cow ecstatic: Passed

  246. Ecstatic hugs the pen

  247. Roz and John-h co-ordinate themselves strangely: Hung visitors decide for

  248. Votes to close: Hung visitors decide against

  249. We can get to 250: Passed

  250. Weíre doing better than the England cricket team: Passed

  251. We could become the England cricket team: Hung visitors decide?

  252. We should be the England tiny spring blossom team: Passed

  253. Ecstatic is doing dressage

  254. Thatís it: Passed

  255. Votes to close: Hung visitor decides for

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