Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 23/11/2002 in The Inner Parlour Pembroke and Rm. 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens.

Present: Owen, Ben, Martin, Alison, Rachel, Rosy, Rachel, Jon, Adam, Roz, Dunstan, Neil, John-h, David, Catherine, Mair, The Cow, and Jenny

Apologies: Rosie, Tom

  1. Owen opens the EGM

  2. Black Cardamom

  3. Votes to censure Tom for putting his fiancée above the society: Passed

  4. Votes to censure Alison and Rachel for bringing Harry Potter to the society: Failed

  5. Votes to have high tea instead: Passed

  6. Votes that Ben has to hold it up: Passed

  7. Votes to commend Martin for opening biscuits: Passed

  8. Votes to censure Martin for taking so long: Passed

  9. It is in the constitution: Passed

  10. Ben’s resignation speech.

  11. Votes to give Ben permission to resign: Passed

  12. Roz is going to propose to Neil: Passed

  13. Votes that the Foreign Secretary as soon as they are elected should write to Cambridge City Council: Passed

  14. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 16/11/2002 are read by Ben

  15. Votes to call Naath, Naáth from now on: Failed

  16. "I’m only late when I come" Jenny

  17. Votes to censure Martin for not spelling cinnamon correctly: Passed

  18. Votes to censure Naath for failing to notice the Cows movements: Passed

  19. Ben is refuting it: Passed

  20. Vote that Martin is able to pass motions on his own: Failed

  21. Votes to censure the society for failing to censure Adam: Passed

  22. Votes to censure Alison for hanging the cow: Passed

  23. Votes to sell the cow to McDonalds: Failed

  24. Martin hates Alison: Passed

  25. "I’ll just take you outside" Jenny to Rob

  26. Even the minute writer is against Neil: Passed

  27. It would be worrying if they were related and were proposing to each other: Failed

  28. It would be worrying if he was someone else as well: Passed

  29. If it was a GCSE it would have been a pass: Passed

  30. The society will have to subsidize Martin’s ink at this rate: Failed

  31. Votes to censure Adam for not insulting his friends: Passed

  32. Votes to banish Martin to the corner: Passed

  33. Votes to censure Roz for being harsh: Passed

  34. Roz is a vindaloo: Passed

  35. The debate

  36. Naath shouldn’t apply herself to Neil: Hung CR decides for

  37. "I should apply myself to Neil" Naath

  38. Jenny - A thought

  39. We should shut up and let the Christopher Robin speak: Passed

  40. All those temporary posts are identificationaly confusing: Passed

  41. We are going to get back to things not relevant to the real world shortly: Passed

  42. We don’t want a history of the war: Passed

  43. Votes to get rid of every temporary post except the coastguard: Passed

  44. The post of coastguard is 8000 years old: Passed

  45. Votes to create a temporary post called "the Jess" to look after the temporary posts: Passed

  46. Votes to censure Ben for not actually hitting Neil: Passed

  47. Votes to elect Neil to be U.S. president: Vetoed

  48. The elections are held

  49. The foreign secretary has to give us lots of money: Hung CR decides against

  50. Votes to commend Neil for actually being good at something: Passed

  51. Martin’s face is censured for having the cheek to stand for something when not being a society member: Passed

  52. 51 and 52 are superstitious

  53. Dunstan fancies Rachel and Neil

  54. We don’t want to listen to Neil anymore: Passed

  55. Neil resigns as wol

  56. In an hour the world explodes: Passed

  57. Ben should reside under the table: Passed

  58. "I’ll give it to you later" Ben to Jon

  59. Votes to invoke clause 55: Failed

  60. Votes to invoke clause 55: Failed

  61. Vote to throw things at Owen: Failed

  62. Martin is beginning to feel sorry for Neil: Passed

  63. Votes to create the post of world record holder for skipping round the court the most times: Failed

  64. John-h will let us all know if he wants to go in Mair’s pocket

  65. Alison fell asleep with Martin in the lecture

  66. Neil wants to go down with Christopher Robin

  67. Neil and Ron will have to sumo fight for it: Passed

  68. Blame Martin: Passed

  69. The contested veto: Still vetoed

  70. Votes to commend Neil for skipping: Failed

  71. Votes to mandate Owen to skip round the court 4000 times: Passed

  72. Naath’s not here: Passed

  73. Votes to censure Naath for not being here and not apologizing: Passed

  74. Naath has just left: Failed

  75. Black cardamom pods: Passed

  76. Votes to discriminate against someone in Antarctica: Passed

  77. Votes to mandate the Foreign Secretary No: Passed

  78. Votes to rusticate Ben: Failed

  79. We should open all the white wine simultaneously using the same corkscrew: Passed

  80. Votes to make Owen banana man: Passed

  81. It’s Neil’s fault that Rachel is wearing a tight skirt: Passed

  82. Rachel loves Neil: Passed

  83. Votes that Alison is wearing attractive but thoroughly impractical clothing: Passed

  84. Votes to pour all of the ice out of the font onto the floor: Failed

  85. Hello: Failed

  86. Aprons are women’s clothing: Passed and vetoed

  87. Votes to overrule the veto: Failed

  88. Votes that Martin and John-h are not men: Hung - CR has just broken her cork, but Martin helps her get it out and so he is a man.

  89. Aprons are women’s clothing: Passed

  90. Dunstan has poisonous sneezing

  91. Martin wants to take advantage of his deputies: Passed

  92. John-h has long hairs on his nipples

  93. Neil looks good propping a door open

  94. We shouldn’t hold a discussion on what fonts are best as that would make us as sad as Rob and Chris: Passed

  95. A green pinnie is black tie: Passed

  96. Rachel looks good propping a door open: Passed

  97. Neil’s father has an automatic one that spins round and makes a noise

  98. Martin gives John-h £5 to give to Roz

  99. As does Jenny

  100. As does Alison

  101. Paper mache furniture with £5 notes

  102. Christopher Robin went down with Alice in the past

  103. Maths is better than top up fees: Passed

  104. Christopher Robin has to stand on her head for the rest of the meeting: Passed

  105. Everyone should bring an ice cube to the next meeting as a top-up fee: Passed

  106. "You don’t change listed buildings to give everyone on sweets"

  107. Dinner is carried

  108. Russian milk floats driving on the moon

  109. Votes to commend the James for lowering the tone of the conversation: Passed

  110. Someone’s vetoed the secretary: Failed

  111. Owen is just taking pictures of all the women: Passed

  112. Rosy and Rachel think Neil is handsome and want a picture of him

  113. Newnham consists of rabbit feminists (which, isn’t a great building material)

Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting Continued After the Main Course 23/11/02

MARTIN (but minuted by Roz except where {} otherwise)

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