Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 16/11/2002 in Z6, North Court, Emmanuel.

Present: Neil, Martin, Owen, Jon, John-h, Adam, Naath, and Alison

Apologies: Jenny, Dunstan, The cow, all female members whose names begin with R (i.e. Rachel, Rachel, Roz, Rosie, Rosy)

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Next week is in the box

  3. Jon retrospectively apologizes for missing last weeks meeting

  4. People who donít come to the meeting and havenít apologized arenít someone: Passed

  5. Neil is going to poke the members

  6. Neil fails in the above

  7. Neil wasnít cooking beans in his kettle

  8. Pembroke corkage £5, Owen reports

  9. Infinity equals three: Passed and vetoed

  10. Votes to put the donuts away: Failed

  11. Votes to censure something bigger than the universe: Passed

  12. Votes to retrospectively change it to everything bigger than the universe, invoking all clauses necessary to do this: Passed though not by with 2/3 majority so clause 55 canít be invoked so we are not quite sure what the outcome is

  13. Neil is sometimes brighter than we thinks: Passed, vetoed

  14. Martin is the ruler of all: Failed

  15. Cineman sticks

  16. Votes to put lots of salt in the cold chocolate: Failed

  17. Votes to censure Neil for lying: Failed

  18. Votes to censure Martin fir desecrating the constitution: Passed

  19. Votes that you are allowed to have private conversations: Passed

  20. Visitors can vote: Failed

  21. Mathmos are special: Passed

  22. There are too many mathmos in the room: Passed

  23. Undergraduates are hopeless and canít do maths: Passed

  24. Owen is hopeless: Passed

  25. "I can remember only one poem. Itís sneezels and weezles and Iím not sure I can remember that" Jon

  26. Votes to censure Naath for remembering non-pooh related material: Failed

  27. Votes to censure Owen for not knowing whatís going on: Failed

  28. Votes that this is John-hís room: Failed

  29. Another meeting is opened and closed immediately

  30. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 09/11/2002 are read by Owen, John-h, Naath and Alison

  31. We should keep the 23rd of November: Passed

  32. Votes to censure everybody having a private conversation: Failed

  33. Votes to censure everybody having a private conversation: Passed

  34. Neil just wanted to care deeply and tenderly himself: Passed

  35. Roz and Dunstan should perform at the EGM: Passed

  36. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 09/11/2002 are read by Adam

  37. Mustard

  38. Owen and Martin have to turn up to the EGM in womenís evening dress: Passed and vetoed

  39. We donít care: Passed

  40. Votes to censure Owen for not doing them in a random order: Passed

  41. Jon has missed something: Passed

  42. Weíre never going to tell him what: Passed

  43. Weíre a cruel lot: Passed

  44. We should read a story by A.A. Milne: Passed

  45. The great Poohsoc tradition of voting against the inevitable has died out: Passed

  46. Reading: In which Eeyore finds a Wolery and Owl moves into it

  47. Votes that Martin withdrew into the sanctity of his own mind: Passed

  48. Votes that we should have someone to look over Martinís shoulder anytime anyone says anything to make sure heís not passing motions on his own: Passed

  49. Election for the above: Alison (elected), Jon, RON

  50. We could give Alison more powers if we want to: Failed

  51. Alison has to marry Martin: Failed

  52. Votes to censure Jon for not capturing bulldozers: Passed

  53. If Adam brings up the middle east again we will censure him: Passed

  54. Skip round North Court, Emmanuel: Passed

  55. Votes to censure RON for stealing Martinís speech: Passed

  56. They have skipped round the court: Failed

  57. Votes to commend them for skipping: Passed

  58. Votes to censure Neil for crimes against humanity: Failed

  59. Crimes against humanity: Passed

  60. Votes to censure the person who had two donuts: Failed

  61. Votes to ensure the person who had two donuts: Passed

  62. Alison has the power to tell people if Martin is seconding a motion: Passed

  63. Whatever his weight in pounds, shillings and ounces. He always seems bigger because of his bouncers: Passed

  64. Votes to censure Alison for failing in her duties: Passed

  65. Itís a very specific problem weíre facing: Passed

  66. The reading finally happens

  67. Votes to censure Neil for reading two of Rabbits lines: Passed

  68. Votes to censure Neil for being Ultra keen: Passed

  69. "Is tigger supposed to have an Indian accent"

  70. "Iíve not come across many Australian mothers" Neil

  71. Australian mothers are associated with being English: Passed

  72. Itís got to the point where Martin and Alison sit in the corner and propose to each other: Passed

  73. Reading: The more it snows Naath

  74. John-h: The old sailor

  75. Even if you do nothing you are still going to be saved: Passed

  76. You canít fit an infinite amount of stuff on a DVD: Passed

  77. Votes to censure Disney for claiming that Thanks giving is the most important holiday: Passed

  78. We should be nice to the turkeys running our JCR forever: Passed

  79. We should censure Neil for bringing up the conflict: Passed

  80. We should censure Neil for just being Neil: Passed

  81. We should censure Neil for just being Neil: Passed

  82. Owenís T-shirt

  83. John-h: Buttercup days

  84. Alison is a mathematician so she can hardly speak English: f

  85. Adam would have had to insult most of his friends: Passed

  86. Adam should insult his friends: Passed

  87. This is middle earth: Failed

  88. Next weeks meeting is the EGM, 5pm Pembroke Inner Parlor

  89. Votes to close: Passed

  90. "You should take advantage of the under secretary" Neil to Martin

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