Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 09/11/2002 in I1, Library Court and Pembroke Porters Lodge.

Present: Owen, Martin, Naath, Roz, Alison, David, Rosy, Rachel, Rachel, John-h, Adam, Dunstan, and Neil

Apologies: The cow, Jenny, Rosie, Neil, Roz, Roz (for apologizing)

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Everyone except Owen, Martin and Naath have to go into a church and ask "where’s Jesus": Passed

  3. Votes to mandate Roz to make chocolate out of bricks: Passed

  4. Votes to commend the CUSU services officer for sending out the virus warning email before we received the virus: Passed

  5. Votes to censure the chestnut tree for not looking as impressive this week: Passed

  6. Martin is laying eggs: Passed

  7. Votes to declare this the authoritative meeting: Passed

  8. Martin makes up a new batch of minutes when he types them up: Passed

  9. Votes that last time we went in the chimney: Passed

  10. Votes that Roz has to sit behind the bed: Hung

  11. The tea smells like gerbil sawdust

  12. Owen will just sit there and feel important: Passed

  13. Thermals are more dull than dust resuspension: Passed

  14. Votes to have extraordinary tea at the EGM: Passed

  15. John-h wants relatively hot water, relative to the center of the sun: Passed

  16. John-h is going to be very disappointed: Passed

  17. We are going to have people under the table soon: Passed

  18. Owen declares the table open

  19. You have a rather large mug, Owen

  20. We should commend Dunstan for following instructions: Passed

  21. EGM 23rd Nov, no formal hall

  22. What to do about the above

  23. Lots of posts are up for election

  24. Adam manages to stand up

  25. Elections for the temporary post of someone to oppose everything Jenny says at the EGM: Naath (elected) RON

  26. The question to the answer 42 is 6*8

  27. We can’t blood sacrifice virgins at dawn: Passed

  28. Adam is allowed to stand or sit as he wishes during the meeting: Passed

  29. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 02/11/2002 are read by David, Owen and Roz and Rosy

  30. Votes to make the lady foundress an honorary member: Passed

  31. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  32. Votes to commend ????? for bringing cake: Passed

  33. Neil isn’t allowed to have tea and cake: Passed

  34. Neil will have them anyway: Passed

  35. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the minutes: Passed

  36. Votes to censure Neil for creating pandemonium: Passed

  37. Votes to censure Neil for not bringing pavlova: Passed

  38. We all brought pavlova’s: Passed

  39. She cut it very nicely: Passed

  40. Votes to censure ourselves for not getting turkeys yet: Passed

  41. The last piece of cake will be replicated several times: Passed

  42. Votes to censure Martin for casting doubt on the societies ability to operate the world: Passed

  43. Shall we take over the world: Passed

  44. Votes to make Naath’s mouth a motion: Passed

  45. Naath’s mouth: Failed

  46. Votes to add surgery to the list of things the society does: Passed

  47. We take people on the edge of sanity and give them a firm whack over: Passed

  48. If you are pregnant then not giving birth is probably not safe: Passed

  49. Votes to put the 36p in a Swiss offshore bank account: Passed

  50. Owens real name according to the petition is Uun Runt: Passed

  51. Owen is confused: Passed

  52. We won’t hit the catering manager: Passed

  53. Votes to spit roast the catering manager: Failed

  54. No-one second that: Passed

  55. This motion does not exist: Hung

  56. The whole of the universe will vanish: Passed

  57. Votes to censure the whole universe for still existing: Passed

  58. Neil should shut up again: Passed

  59. Christopher Robin is read out by Neil

  60. We shouldn’t let Neil fulfill all of his desires: Passed

  61. Votes to censure Neil for not bringing mugs except himself: Passed

  62. The point of the James is blblblbllblblblbl: Passed

  63. Votes to make Dunstan the James until the EGM: Passed

  64. We should have a reading now: Passed

  65. Now is not now: Passed

  66. Everything should be minuted twice: Passed

  67. Reading: In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water

  68. Votes to censure Roz for changing the story: Passed

  69. Votes to censure everyone who interrupts the reading again: Passed

  70. Neil should fix Naath’s computer with a hammer: Passed

  71. Neil is excused: Passed

  72. Votes to censure the James for not abstaining: Passed

  73. Naath should be really calm now: Passed

  74. Votes to censure Naath for not: Passed

  75. Neil’s glad it wasn’t a cabbage

  76. There are such things as 100ft cabbage: Passed

  77. Being in a Grimm’s fairy tale: Passed

  78. Alison has insane conversations because she’s a mathmo: Passed

  79. Alison should be insulted by Neil: Passed

  80. Votes that Alison is allowed to strangle Martin: Passed

  81. Votes that the society has no responsibility for the above: Passed

  82. Neil shouldn’t be in the societies constitution: Passed

  83. Votes to set the constitution to verse: Passed

  84. Votes that Dunstan and Roz should do it: Passed

  85. Owen would like to vote to be spoilt: Passed

  86. John-h should read the King’s breakfast: Passed

  87. John-h: King’s breakfast

  88. John-h wants to be put down

  89. Votes to not hold Rachel responsible for the mess

  90. Censuring is the end of the world: Passed

  91. Votes to censure Owen for being rash: Passed

  92. Everyone should set up a Martin and Owen society in their own college, following the constitution as partially written: Hung visitor decides for

  93. There will be one in every country as well: Passed

  94. We should remind Neil to never invite Chess again: Passed

  95. America is a militant sheep: Passed

  96. Owen will do the votes in a random order from now on: Passed

  97. It was a random order: Passed

  98. Votes to censure Neil in this set of minutes: Passed

  99. Next weeks meeting: Failed

  100. We should send get well cards to the motion: Hung visitors decide for

  101. Next weeks meeting, Z6 North court, Emmanuel

  102. Rachel and Rosy apologize for next week

  103. Votes to close: Passed

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