Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 02/11/2002 in V7, North Court, Jesus College.

Present: Owen, Martin, Cow, Roz, Naath, Rosy, Malin, Richard, Neil, Dunstan, Rachel, and Tom

Guests: Anthony, Helen, Maia, Ulia, Dave, and Haggis

Apologies: John-h, Jon, Jenny, Alison, Adam, Roz(for being there)

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. This is the authoritative meeting: Passed

  3. Votes to mandate Martin to sneeze: Passed

  4. Votes to make the tree an honorary member: Failed

  5. Votes that Owen is a pooh convoy: Passed

  6. Follow the yellow brick road

  7. Helen isnít an honorary member but her grandmother is

  8. Roz isnít really here

  9. We discuss what colour Jesus is.

  10. Owenís Nutmeg

  11. The blue towel is a tea cozy

  12. Neil sounds like a quantum tunneling micro scooter: Passed

  13. Neil sounds like a quantum tunneling micro scooter: Passed

  14. Neil has a soul: Passed

  15. Weíre not terrorists: Failed

  16. Owen has to shout the motions: Failed

  17. Votes to censure ourselves for continuing to propose motions which is against the mandate that never happened: Passed

  18. Votes that Martin cannot act on behalf of the cow: Passed

  19. Votes that all the men in the room are called Neilette and all the women are called Neil, for the duration of the meeting: Hung, Hung

  20. Hang the visitors: Passed

  21. Rachel pays her pooh levy

  22. We must not mention that Dunstan is at Homerton

  23. Votes to commend Roz for sitting on the floor drinking tea: Passed

  24. Attack of the chiller cherry buns

  25. Milksugar

  26. Votes to commend Rosy for her heroic tea making: Passed

  27. Votes to let the visitors vote: Passed

  28. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 26/10/2002 are read by Owen, Neil, Anthony and Roz

  29. Votes to censure Neil for pronouncing the silent -h: Passed

  30. Neil canít pronounce English: Passed

  31. Votes to mandate John-h silently to swing twinkle toes: Passed

  32. Thatís how most motions are proposed: Passed

  33. Votes to censure the secretary who didnít take minutes between meetings when the meeting remained open: Passed

  34. Votes to censure Neil for confusing Martin and Owen again: Passed

  35. Votes to mandate Martin to teach the cow how to use a pogo stick: Passed

  36. Neil should shut up: Passed

  37. Votes to censure Neil for failing to shut up: Passed

  38. Report on the discussion of the founding members on the 9 Ĺ anniversary dinner

  39. Helen is not a misery: Passed

  40. Everyone has to give a speech lasting between 30 and 40 seconds: Hung - vetoed

  41. Inviting honorary members

  42. Votes to commend Owen on the website: Passed

  43. Beetroot: Failed

  44. We should get more currents from the sockets: Passed

  45. Reading: In which piglet does a very grand thing

  46. Votes to censure the typesetter: Passed

  47. Itís Neilís job as treasurer to be able to read other peoples minds: Passed

  48. Naathís parents should move into a tree house: Failed

  49. If you go to the bank to get a mortgage for your tree house, do they send you to the branch office - Tom

  50. Deciding you life by tombolas

  51. Votes to mandate the turkeys to get a tombola for the society: Passed

  52. Votes to name the turkeys Neil: Failed

  53. Tomís not a battery hen because he does stuff in his own time

  54. Next weeks meeting, I1 Library court Jesus

  55. Votes to have a black tie crŤche for the babies: Passed

  56. Dinner again

  57. We discuss what posts are available for the EGM

  58. Wax imperial, after-dinner wax, wax green,

  59. We will have a post at the EGM to disagree with everything the Jenny says

  60. Votes to close: Passed

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