Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 26/10/2002 in Z6 North Court, Emmanuel.

Present: Neil, Martin, Naath, Owen, Jonathon, Alison, Dunstan, David, Malin, Adam, Tom, Jenny, John-h, cow

Apologies : Roz, Rosie, Richard

Definitely not apologizing: Rob

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Can you bring furniture

  3. The enormous fridge that used to be in the center of town

  4. Votes to censure Alison for taking a finger: Passed

  5. Itís week 27.5: Passed

  6. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  7. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  8. Votes to censure everyone who didnít dress as cows: Passed

  9. Votes to censure Owen for not bringing a spice: Passed

  10. Jenny and Tom pay their pooh levies

  11. Votes to censure Neil for not being interesting and interested enough: Passed

  12. Votes to mandate Neil to kneel: Passed

  13. Votes to censure Neil for something: Passed

  14. Votes to censure Neil for being Neil: Hung CR decides against

  15. Votes to censure Naath for not going to Newnham to get tea: Passed

  16. Votes to commend David Cornish for having tea: Passed

  17. The cow is made a member: Passed

  18. Jenny works in an investment bank so doesnít need to be able to think: Passed

  19. Owen is official tea dispenser: Passed

  20. "Everybody down" Jenny

  21. The whistle

  22. Votes to appoint an official town crier: Passed

  23. Votes to mandate Neil to make a Heisenberg trifle: Passed

  24. The minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 19/10/2002 are read by Naath and Adam

  25. Votes that mustard and ginger biscuits are nice: Passed, I think just about

  26. Neil doesnít like Tom anymore: Passed

  27. Purple petunias would look good: Passed

  28. Votes to censure Neil now: Passed

  29. Votes to mandate someone to cabbage: Passed

  30. Owen is not the society: Hung - CR decides against

  31. Naath wants water in her tea: Hung - CR decides in favor

  32. Christopher Robin is kind of like the house of Lords: Passed

  33. Committee veto that motion ever existing: Passed

  34. Neil sits corrected: Passed

  35. Neil is a confused, deranged mess: Failed

  36. Votes to censure Neil for being unable to speak: Failed

  37. What a wonderful group we are: Passed

  38. Votes to censure the original person who wrote????: Passed

  39. The random minutes are random

  40. Votes to make Neil Neilís sister: Passed

  41. Votes to confuse the issue: Passed

  42. Votes to confuse the big issue: Passed

  43. Votes to mandate the Foreign secretary to do it: Passed

  44. "If the fire alarm goes off I will be in a lot of trouble" Neil

  45. Owen has to keep shouting 9 Ĺ anniversary dinner until people listen: Failed

  46. Owen has to keep shouting 9 Ĺ anniversary dinner until people listen: Passed Vetoed

  47. 9 Ĺ anniversary dinner - no preferences

  48. EGM 23rd November

  49. "If you have a hole and a fresher wants to fill it" Neilís description of what the EGM is for

  50. Neilís toy looks grayer than it used to: Passed

  51. "Can I see your Bullock" John-h

  52. "I could phrase my question in so many ways" John-h

  53. Neil can leave us in his room: Failed

  54. Reading: In which Pooh invents a new game and Eeyore joins in

  55. A debonair is a person who goes to Debenhams a lot: Passed

  56. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the reading: Passed

  57. We havenít burned the poetry

  58. John-h is going to sing twinkle toes

  59. Votes that he has to sing it: Hung CR decides for

  60. Twinkle toes: Failed

  61. Votes to commend John-h: Passed

  62. Commending is censuring: Passed

  63. Votes to commend Owen for that wonderful motion: Passed

  64. John-h: half way down

  65. Votes to censure everyone who was talking during the reading except John-h (as he was the one actually reading): Passed

  66. John-h: half way down

  67. John-h: half way down

  68. Remembering: Bad Sir Brian Botany - Tom

  69. Votes to congratulate Tom: Passed

  70. Commending is censuring stops at the end of this meeting: Passed

  71. The JCR of Newnham is very stupid: Passed

  72. John-h is living a lie: Failed

  73. We will have a JCR run by turkeys: Passed

  74. We should vote on Christmas: Hung

  75. Next weeks meeting in V7 North Court, Jesus

  76. Votes to mandate Neil to bell ring rocks: Passed

  77. Votes to censure Neil for not dressing as an ape: Passed

  78. Martin is an unfriendly so and so: Passed

  79. Martin doesnít act like an

  80. Votes to invoke clause 27 and 55: Passed

  81. Votes to rename the society Cambridge Philosophical Society: Failed

  82. Votes to give Jenny special dispensation to support random freshers: Passed

  83. Votes to appoint Neil a fresher: Passed

  84. Neil is not random: Passed

  85. Right: Failed

  86. Left: Hung CR decides for

  87. Having the choice of throwing Ben or Rosie out of a hot air balloon Jenny would choose both

  88. Fire extinguishers: Failed

  89. Martin has ultimate power: Passed (Though proposed by Alison)

  90. Alison retrospectively has the power to propose motions: Passed, vetoed and protested

  91. Martin canít be Owen: Passed

  92. Alison pays her pooh levy

  93. Alison canít propose that motion again invoking clause 55 as necessary: Failed as not 1/3

  94. We were voting on motions: Passed

  95. We should vote on table cloths: Passed

  96. Dunstan pays his pooh levy

  97. For the duration of this meeting voting is now for, against, abstentions and confused: Passed

  98. Votes to ask Debbie: Hung CR decides for

  99. Martin is Michael: Hung CR decides for

  100. Jad42 isnít the answer to the life universe and everything: Passed

  101. Votes to censure Owen for forgetting: Passed

  102. Votes to commend Owen for remembering: Passed

  103. Tom is Rachel: Hung CR decides against

  104. Martin and Alison have to leave at the same time every day: Failed

  105. Martin only comes to meetings because he is secretary and is too lazy to apologize: Passed

  106. Martin and Owen society

  107. Votes that the numbers go from 105 to 107: Passed

  108. Martinís numbers arenít consistent: Confused

  109. Votes to censure Neil for limboing in first court of Trinity: Passed

  110. Votes to make walking on the grass in Queens a hangable offence: Passed

  111. Trial after the EGM when we have a James: Passed

  112. Owen is confused about confusions: Passed

  113. We should pass a motion: Passed

  114. Jenny wouldnít be looking for logic in Poohsoc: Passed

  115. The logic lectures were rubbish: Passed

  116. Left at the yellow brick road

  117. Votes to mandate Jenny to come next week: Passed

  118. Weíre off to see the wizard: Passed

  119. Dunstan has to go now: Passed

  120. Votes to close: Passed

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