Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 19/10/2002 in Rm. 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens

Present: Owen, Roz, Martin, Jon, Malin, Adam, Rosy, Neil, Jonathon, Katherine, David, Rachel, Hilary, and Naath

Apologies: Rosie, Mair

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Jon pays his pooh levy

  3. Votes to spell Jonís name John-h from now on: Passed

  4. Ben has paid his pooh levy

  5. Malin and Adam pay their pooh levies

  6. Votes to censure John-h, for spelling his name wrong on his mug: Passed

  7. Roz causes Owen to spill tea on the door

  8. Owen is lacking in brain cells according to Roz

  9. Owen should bring a different one of his spices to a meeting each week: Passed

  10. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  11. Poetry contest

  12. Owen and Roz have made a trifle

  13. Schrodringers trifle

  14. Custard powder

  15. "Would you like a fork" Owen

  16. Heís not happy with his finger

  17. Green crackly glasses

  18. Votes to search Martinís bag for brunch: Passed

  19. Roz has to stop being excited by the people walking past: Failed

  20. "I like bodies that are really dead" Roz

  21. They got rather wet at the poohsticks tournament

  22. Votes to censure the Stollen cake for being dangerous: Passed

  23. It has dangerous hidden currents

  24. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 12/10/2002 are read by Rosy

  25. The cow makes an appearance

  26. Poodles

  27. Politics

  28. Neil has tried mustard before now.

  29. Votes that Neil has to try mustard again: Passed

  30. Jonathon, Katherine and David pays their pooh levies

  31. Neil puts two members in the same hole

  32. Rachel pays her pooh levy

  33. Mustard and ginger biscuits are good

  34. Votes to censure Neil for being a skeptic: Passed

  35. Neil has been censured 422 times before now: Passed

  36. Itís a silent "-h" at the end of his name: Passed

  37. "Proposing is much more fun" Says Neil while kneeling

  38. The socks are a likeness of Owen: Passed

  39. Votes to censure Jonathon for reading the constitution: Hung

  40. Neil reads the minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 13/10/2002

  41. Roz has a problem with sheep

  42. Roz was brought up by sheep: Failed

  43. Neil should be referred to as adulterous women from now on: Failed

  44. Votes to censure John-h for striking Owen: Passed

  45. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  46. "Sometimes you have to love visitors" Neil

  47. Mustard-biscuit: Abstained

  48. Votes to put rising trees on Sidgewick avenue: Passed

  49. Votes to put the light off again: Confused

  50. The organizers of assassins are responsible for any deaths caused by people playing their game: Passed

  51. Votes that we can vote with both arms: Failed

  52. Votes to censure everyone who voted against in the last motion: Failed

  53. Votes that we can vote with both arms and legs: Failed

  54. Votes that we can vote with anything we can point up with: Hung and then vetoed

  55. Votes to censure Martin for bringing a bullock: Failed

  56. Neil had better be able to see a bush

  57. Reading: In which Christopher Robin leads an expedition to the North Pole

  58. Votes to censure Neil for forgetting to tell us that Naath will be late: Passed

  59. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting the reading and meeting: Passed

  60. Jonathon has to bring the biscuit to the AGM: Passed

  61. Next weeks meeting, Z6, North Court Emmanuel

  62. Votes to censure Neil for flouting it: Passed

  63. Poem: John-h Jonathon Joe

  64. Neil was rejected by

  65. Votes that Neil is a garden: Passed

  66. Votes to plant petunias in Neil: Hung

  67. The minutes are very persuasive

  68. John-h - Disobedience

  69. Votes to have an expedition to the end of the town (when Roz is here): Passed

  70. Neil doesnít like Roz: Passed

  71. Naath - Cherry stones

  72. Roz - in the fashion

  73. The coasters

  74. Votes to make Disney eat mustard: Passed

  75. Votes for Roz to arrange it: Passed

  76. Votes to mandate Martin to believe in the cataclysm: Passed

  77. Naath - Furry bear

  78. Votes to mandate Neil for having something to run off to: Passed

  79. Roz - If I were King

  80. Naath - Now I am six

  81. Votes to censure Martin for being really scary: Passed

  82. Naath - King of Peru

  83. Owen - Lines and Squares

  84. The cow was made in China

  85. Votes to close: Passed

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