Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting, Mark Two, held on the 15/02/2003 in Great Court Room K5A, Trinity College.

Present: Jack, Alison, Estatic, Richard, Rachel, Rosy, Dunstan, Owen, John-h, Neil, Martin, Rob

Apologies: Ros, Rachel C, Naath, Martin (who's ill poor lad)

  1. Owen arrives and declares the meeting open even though we've already started.

  2. Owen decides not to call votes to close. As the foreign secretary is already minuting the actual meeting it's suggested that someone who's running for secretary next week should minute this one. Just so this doesn't get repetitive: any motions passed and minuted in the meeting being held concurrently with this one can be assumed to have been passed in this meeting too, except for votes to close.

  3. Jack has a very nice room, it's below the one were Lord Byron kept his bear.

  4. Adam wants tea in Owens mug.

  5. Alison apologises for Martin. Rosy enquires why she doesn't do this when he's here as well.

  6. Rosys bag starts ringing

  7. Owen thinks his room has nice corners.

  8. "Mine are either small and blue or tall and Plain" Jack

  9. "Ooo-It's still warm!" Adam

  10. Owens cake - various "yum" noises made by all.

  11. Rosy hits Adam on Richards instructions.

  12. Minutes of last weeks meeting read by Alison, Rachel and John-h. There is a temporary break whilst we all listen to Jack's phone call.

  13. "We haven't had a lawyer in some time." Richard

  14. The trial - The protocol is read by the James (Dunstan) who acts as judge. Owen acts as the prosecution and the defence. Everyone else is the jury.

  15. The cow is hung from the James's shoelaces. (Is this a new precedent?)

  16. Neil is so nice no-one wants to defend him, as they would have to argue that he has been annoying.

  17. Neil Arrives!!!!!!! Various censuring.

  18. A jar of jam will be standing in for the jar of honey in this trial.

  19. The president tells the defendant to cross-examine Alison. Neil declines.

  20. Neil admits to having a woman hidden in his pocket.

  21. John-h (acting as clerk of the court) de-hangs Ecstatic from the James's shoe.

  22. According to Owen, Martin has undoubtedly remained Martin since Neil joined the society.

  23. "I've finished with this witness so the defence can have him" Owen

  24. Jack uses proof by contradiction to show that this trial is pointless. What it actually proves is that we have way too many mathmos in this society.

  25. An interesting fact: Trinity college made approximately 23,873,000 in unearned income last year.

  26. "Sorry Rosy, I'll apologise to you later" Neil

  27. The jury is hung. (Ow!)

  28. We should hide Neils hand. (Isn't this a bit harsh?)

  29. The jury votes. Most people miss it. The meaning of each option is explained:
    Guilty: Neil is guilty of not annoying the society and will have to do a penance.
    Not Guilty: Neil has annoyed the society and we can try him for that instead.

    (There doesn't seem to be a good option for Neil, does there?)

  30. Vote again. Hung.

  31. Vote again: Hung.

  32. Adam leaves making Jack his proxy but mistakenly votes guilty as he's walking out of the door. Hence Neil is found guilty!
    (For: Rosy, Alison, John-h and Adam. Against: Richard, Jack. Abstentions: Rachel)

  33. "I've got to have that one - Neil looks stern" John-h

  34. We should give Neil's motorised arm to the secretary

  35. We're leaving this meeting open so I can minute anything amusing Martin says in the next week.
  36. Monday, CMS Common room, lunchtime, Alison, Martin and Owen present:

  37. "We waited for an hour for Rosies breakdown" Owen

  38. Martin agrees to second Sally. (Hello, Sally. Welcome to Pooh-Soc. Congratulations for getting in the minutes before you?ve actually been to a meeting!)

  39. Alison will take a selection of tarts to Owens room.

  40. Plans for the biscuit championships are discussed.

  41. Dunstan (but I can't remember what we were saying.)
  42. Wednesday, Martins Room, Evening, Alison and Martin present:

  43. Attack of the Clones: plot loopholes and other errors are discussed at length. I would list them here but I don't have enough printer paper.
  44. Thursday, CMS Common room, lunchtime:

  45. Alison explains how she plans to replace Martin with a Chocolate bar.

  46. "Yes, it's so difficult when you pipe is too long" Martin
  47. Thurday night via email:

  48. "If no-one wants to join us me and Owen will have to do it by ourselves." Roz
  49. Friday,CMS, afternoon, Alison, Martin and Rob present:

  50. A theoretical physics seminar with no theoretical physics in it.

  51. A fluid dynamics seminar with no fluid dynamics in it.

  52. Oh, The fascinating life of a PhD student.

  53. "Oh. I shouldn't have inserted a pencil there." Martin

  54. Votes to close: passed

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