Minutes of the Elevenses and Pancake Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society held on Saturday 11th March 2006, at 4pm, in room G5, Ridley Hall.

Present: Estelle, Katie, Rachel H, Lukshmi, Giles
Guests: Sam-from-downstairs, someone looking for someone else
Apologies: by implication from Rosy and Rachel C.

1. Meeting opened.
2. Votes to commend Giles on his hair: Passed.
3. Votes to commend Luksmhi's mug: Passed.
4. Votes to commend Lukshmi: Passed.
5. We discuss a man with an armchair on his head, sighted by Rachel on Mill Road.
6. Bar Hill Tesco - oonous: blargghh.
7. Katie volunteers to be the Charlotte.
8. Katie husts on a chair instead of a soap box
        - I can say, "in which..."
        - I like organdising
9. Katie is elected.
10. Proctors ceilidh in boots - I wonder if they carry the statutues and ordinances at that time.
11. Giles is a next-generation Naath.
12. This pancake is free, but it's not running around.
13. St Delia is rather good.
14. Giles expliots 1st-years to make him pancakes.
15. Lukshmi tends to drop her pancakes down herself. The solution to this problem? Poohsoc bibs!
16. Next week's meeting will be at Giles'.
17. Mugs will be about 8 each, however large or small the order size. And they can be personalised!!
18. Votes to commend Estelle for the pancakes: Passed.
19. Votes to censure Queens' [for sending Giles on a pyrotechnics course]: Forgotten.
20. General discussion of the corporate body of Ridley Hall. The youngest person here start at 23, which does eem a bit young to start getting ordained...
21. Votes to commend Delia Smith: Passed.
22. Votes to mandate Ben Parker (as foreign secretary) to write to Delia Smith: Passed.
23. Votes to mandate the abovementioned letter to be on the subject of the goodness of Delia Smith's pancake recipe. Passed.
24. Tesco like Giles to have long hair: it placates the customers.
25. Real, proper, manly hair, just like the rest of him. Rrraaarr!
26. Votes to commend the real, manly, Giles: Hung. CR decides: Giles won't call him to ask...
27. Apparently Oasis are retro these days. I'm obviously old.
28. Lukshmi is almost entirely covered in Nutella. I know she likes chocolate, but r-e-a-l-l-y . . .
29. "Ooh, oh, ooh... bent round in a horseshoe shape!" Estelle
30. Rachel, go and get the teapot.
31. Note to self: get website password(s) from Rosy.
32. Giles' phone has decided that it's time. Time for what we know not. But It Is Definitely Time.
33. Thursday 16th March, 9pm, Queens', Fitzpatrick Hall. New Wallace and Gromit Movie.
34. All the girls in Giles' year are broody. Excpet for the ones who aren't, and who, like Giles, are just whimpering.
35. Some of them are so desperate they're flingin themselves at him late at night.
36. Giles shows us his chest hair. We're not sure why.
37. Estelle eats and embryonic pancake. It was this big: O (to scale).
38. Giles is giving me one of those looks.
39. Lots of Holy (or holey? or wholly?) things are in Norfolk.
40. "Have you tried bananas?" "No I haven't." "Good to do."
41. Discussion of Victorian toilets. Giles says Queens' toilets are in the basement and the best rooms are in the attic.
42. Room sizes discussed, regarding how many people and how many cows can fit in.
43. As its Crash Bang Squelch! next weekend there might not be a meeting. Except that there will be because Gile will demonstrate in the morning.
44. Insider shoes? Cider shoes? Squirrels?!?
45. CAn we have tea _and_ and reading?
46. YMCA.
47. People use Giles as a radiator and he doesn't like it.
48. Giles puts syrup in his tea. Blegh!
49. He's just put lemon into his milky tea. Double blegh!!
50. Giles (to Luksmhi): "Hands off my nipples, boy!"
51. We read the minutes of the meeting held on 29th October 2005.
52. "You wouldn't want a knee that bent."
53. A reprise of Estelle's rotting-leather story.
54. Dave Henderson was mentioned.
55. Mustard.
56. We read, "In which Rabbit has a busy day, and we learn what Christopher Robin does in the mornings."
57. Estelle: "Am I still me?"
58. Giles' piglet voice is scary.
59. Giles has to leave for boppage.
60. He then does his manly growl again.
61. Meow.
62. Katie apologies for her absence next week.
63. Votes to close: Passed.
64. "Can we keep talking once we've closed the meeting?" "Yes. But we don't have to write it down."