Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 10th March 2007 in I4, Peterhouse

present: Jenny S-T, Philip Bielby, CGM, Beetle
apologies: Beetle, Philip

Jenny pays Pooh Levy to CGM.

  1. Pooh and Sheila opened simultaneously.
  2. Beetle censured for not having typed up the minutes of the AGM.
  3. CGM said something terrible which has been censored from the minutes.
  4. Philip can vote and propose: carried.
  5. Philip: sitting there and voting against motions that he agrees with to be perverse.
  6. Jenny's keyboard may have been censured for being too loud but I wasn't looking.
  7. CMG continues to discuss potential friendship with Sheila.
  8. Cesy reads minutes of 3rd March.
  9. Censure the secretary for mentioning the game in the minutes: hung
  10. We should make Jenny be singing Pooh and make her be the rest of Pooh too because it makes things simple: carried 2-1-1
    10a. reading: 1.X: In which Christopher Robin gives a Pooh Party, and We say Good-bye
  11. Commend Philip & Cesy on their rendition of Anxious Pooh Song: carried 3-0-1
  12. Censuring Beetle for referring to people as "the lovebirds": carried 2-1-1
  13. make more tea: carried unanimously
  14. There were many biscuits broken, because there were people rolling around on the floor making each other laugh (rofl).
  15. Conversation continues to revolve around people CGM has never met.
  16. Censure Beetle for quoting a terrible pun on the Assassins website about talc: hung 2-2-0
  17. ISO 3103 and BS 6008 is discussed.
  18. Philip resents being called an American by Cesy, but not being called a filthy Northener.  Also he says, "What?" about seven times.
  19. Censure Beetle for putting his tea in the microwave: failed 1-2-1
  20. Theoretically you're giving thanks for the "Indians and the Whats" for getting along.  Except they didn't really.
  21. "You're ruled by the governator." – Philip
  22. "Arnold Schwarzenegger: better than Bush": carried 4-0-0
  23. "The faucet is just the sort of phallus, as it were." – Beetle
  24. Loos and their various names in vaguely English languages are discussed.
  25. PB is a Northener.
  26. "You might get your _ checked out on the way into Wetherspoon's."
  27. "Yes it does, it follows perfect regular rules.  There are only 327 irregular verbs in English." – PB
  28. Limit the number of minutes to 100: failed 1-2-0-1
  29. Philip is feeling threatened by Cesy.
  30. Cesy and Philip unload their RBGs at each other.
  31. photos of Beetle's brother
  32. meeting closed 3-0-1
  33. PB throws the penguin at Alex.

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