Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting

In which a medic visits from NZ and has found coasters.

Held on Monday the 12th January 2009 in Burrell’s Field.

Present – Matt, James, Ignatius, Carol, Helen, Roseanna, CGM, Will, Alicia, Rachel, Ed, Kate.

  1. 4.10pm Meeting Opened.
  2. James’ biscuit tin contains biscuits.
  3. Helen wants a Fitzbillies postcard.
  4. The runic postcard is in Tolkien runes.
  5. There are twenty Party Rings in a packet.
  6. Ignatius’ sister has threatened to write.
  7. Enter Will, Rachel and Alicia.
  8. Hot water is hot. 7-0-2-0.
  9. Will is in the bathroom cutting something with Ignatius’ scissors.
  10. Don’t worry, there won’t be any blood, he’ll clean it up.
  11. CGM would like to host next week so she can bake.
  12. There is always/usually a second layer of biscuits.
  13. There is at least a second layer of biscuits. 7-0-1-0.
  14. Visitors can vote. 6-0-2-0.
  15. Is Ignatius’ cupboard lockable? No, apparently not.
  16. Much key discussion. Matt says something complicated.
  17. Will needed scissors to take his boots off.
  18. Today we’ll read Saturday’s minutes.
  19. Will is unable to load Ignatius’ crossbow.
  20. James explains.
  21. Will is unimpressed because he’s incompetent.
  22. The proposed minuting scheme – passed.
  23. There’s not a lot of people to talk Elvish with.
  24. There is an online place where words have been elvishised.
  25. A society sings songs in Elvish over Tolkien’s grave.
  26. Will put cola bottles in his tea.
  27. Some of the video is spent looking at the bin because I have bad aim. 4-2-3-0.
  28. Oh yeah plants, they’re green. 4-3-1-1 (sometimes).
  29. Cola bottles that have been put in boiling water are really odd.
  30. Surely we must buy some for Roseanna to be attached to. 5-2-3-0.
  31. Will wants Ignatius’ computer to be turned on.
  32. He has not checked his emails and did not get up half an hour earlier for that purpose.
  33. The runic postcard is read.
  34. That’s not a “t”, that’s a little arrow thing.
  35. Evil genius is a good game.
  36. Ignatius’ desk is not a good mousemat.
  37. “That’s not how girls undress, normally.”
  38. Reading – in which it is shown that Tiggers can’t climb trees (to continue the tree theme).
  39. Will has a low attention span. He highlights where he is so he knows where he is.
  40. It turns into a weird squeaky voice competition.
  41. Enter Ed.
  42. It appears to be Monday.
  43. The cookbook is science fiction.
  44. Harry Seldon knows kung-fu.
  45. Will has a thing at home… WOW.
  46. Kinky lawnmower in German.
  47. Science! (exclamation mark disputed).
  48. With TIG welding you can weld everything.
  49. Oolong, it’s dragon-flavour.
  50. Teabags with string are useful.
  51. If we type in “solar windmill thing” it will tell us. 7-2-1-1 (it’ll tell us two conflicting things at least).
  52. Ignatius fails at google searching.
  53. Will has google-fu.
  54. The Romans deserved “it”.
  55. Discussion of galactic wars (including Space Greece).
  56. The space sea is breathable so you can stand on the deck and spear harpies.
  57. Woo metric.
  58. Ignatius has red teeth of redness. (Will has a laser pointer).
  59. It’s air pressure. 5-2-4-0.
  60. Ignatius’ Welsh postcard is translated (badly) by the internet.
  61. Ignatius does what the computer tells him.
  62. It’s just damn weird. 9-1-1-0.
  63. Hot-cross-bun fudge.
  64. It has no spooniness, it is a spife.
  65. Where did the “s” come from?
  66. Fife or knork.
  67. Like cheese but you make it with sugar instead of milk.
  68. We could vote that for the next half hour Ed Anderson doesn’t exist. 9-0-2-1 (we could).
  69. For the next half hour, Ed Anderson doesn’t exist (from 5.55pm). 7-0-2-1 (so far as I know he doesn’t exist in the first place).
  70. Attempts at silly motions, none seconded.
  71. Is Ed Anderson actually a spy?
  72. Winnie the Pooh coasters to be found near the fudge shop.
  73. Up to four coasters are authorized.
  74. We think Carol should do the buying.
  75. A fictional Ed Anderson appears.
  76. He is the rubber-band fairy.
  77. Many-conversational-chaos.
  78. Ignatius puts on a crown and is hailed.
  79. Nobody would hurt a sea-kitten.
  80. Failure to fire a pink wafer from a crossbow.
  81. Success at same.
  82. Close meeting. 9-0-0-1 (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Asparagus).
  83. Meeting closed.

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