Minutes - Lent 2009

Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of Saturday 10th January 2009
Held In: Rachel's Room, Newnham

In which a LARPer displays skills.

Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of Monday 12th January 2009
Held In: Burrell’s Field

In which a medic visits from NZ and has found coasters.

Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of Saturday 17th January 2009
Held In: Lucy CR

In which dictators and sea-kittens are deprecated.

Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of Saturday 24th January 2009
Held In: Roseanna's Room, Newnham

In which knitting and sewing occur.

Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of Saturday 31st January 2009
Held In: chez Alicia, Jesus

In which cookies are called cookies and CGM writes with a kife.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Saturday 7th February 2009
Held In: Newnham

In which an election is settled by Other Selection Procedure.

Minutes of the Elevenses  of Saturday 14th February 2009
Held In: Eeyore's Gloomy Place, Churchill College

4.08 - James "I now declare this cake of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society open."

Elevenses and Emergency Extraordinary General Meeting of Saturday 21st February 2009
Held In: James' Room in Burrell's

In which Will in a corset.

Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of Saturday 28th February 2009
Held In: Bazil's

In which communication is considered.

Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of Sunday 1st March 2009
Held In: IVFDF 2009, Exeter University

In which we are in another meeting at some sort of dancing thing.

Minutes of the Elevenses  of Saturday 7th March 2009
Held In: chez Annie

In which we consider circumventing a ban on sandwiches using 'cake'.

Expotition to the South Pole of Saturday 14th March 2009
Discovered In: Grantchester

In which we hear the noise of a reversing Roseanna.

Extraordinary Wedding Meeting of Monday 16th March 2009
Held In: The Bride's Room, Newnham

In which two members get college-married and girly sleepoverness happens.

Extraordinary Post-Easter-Egg-Hunting Meeting of Wednesday 18th March 2009
Held In: Alicia's Room, Jesus

In which the worrying bits are more worrying than usual. I blame Sheila.

Extraordinary After-a-CUSFS-film-evening Meeting of Thursday 19th March 2009
Held In: Will's Room, Trinity

In which axes are spelled the same and they sing the Tiddley-Pom song.

Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of Saturday 21st March 2009
Held In: Lucy Garden

In which Bazil has knitted us some kangaroos.

Extraordinary Poohsticks World Championship Meetings of Sunday 29th March 2009
Held In: Day's Lock, Little Whittenham, Oxfordshire

IIn which Poohsoc are technically undefeated, and pink is the wrong shade of pink for Pure Maths.

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