Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which Bazil has knitted us some kangaroos.

Held on Saturday the 21st of March 2009 in the garden and common room of Lucy.

Present: CGM, James, Ignatius, Roseanna, Bazil, Jack.

4.00pm-ish – Meeting opened.

  1. CGM has a report to write.
  2. Enter Bazil.
  3. Minutes of the last few meetings.
  4. Enter Jack.
  5. Bazil has knitted something. It’s Kanga and Roo!
  6. Ed and Rachel send apologies.
  7. We could attempt to summon Ermintrude and Will via telephonic force.
  8. Inconsistencies in Harry Potter.
  9. Aslan didn’t do magic; he did miracles.
  10. It’s the whadjamacallit principle.
  11. When you’re starving, evil or not Turkish Delight all just becomes Turkish Delight.
  12. Oh, Patrick Stewart’s doing it. Who’s he doing it with? Magneto.
  13. Second Law of Thermodynamics; you have it not.
  14. Do you not have any laser traps in your pyramid of ant doom?
  15. It is, in fact, more like the chasms of ant doom.
  16. The washing-up liquid is to encourage ant doom.
  17. The ISS needs some serious bling. 6-0-0-0.
  18. Pimp your space-station.
  19. No, I’m in Rome. I’m pope. Look, I have the official hat and everything.
  20. Reading: in which Piglet meets a Heffalump.
  21. Is your pope bigger than a bread box?
  22. All psychiatry is carried out by men with heavy German accents.
  23. Oh no, wait. That was a Nazi.
  24. You’re nice; you’re just pedantic. 6-0-0-0.
  25. We play Botticelli.
  26. I’m not going to come up with something ridiculous [Ignatius]. 5-0-0-0.
  27. Close meeting. 6-0-0-0.

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