Extraordinary Meeting During Expotition to World Poohsticks Championships 2009

In which Poohsoc are technically undefeated.

Held on Sunday 29th March 2009 at Day's Lock, Little Whittenham, Oxfordshire.

Present: Matt, Lulu, Will, Carol, James, Ignatius, Matt’s parents, Roseanna, Lisa, Seán.

11.14am, Meeting Opened.
  1. Will: “Strip, boy, strip!” [James].
  2. The Press Officer is somewhat in Sweden.
  3. No one seconded it. 3-1-2-0.
  4. Visitors can vote. 5-0-1-0.
  5. Ignatius is stretching in readiness for the competition ahead.
  6. We are competing as yellow.
  7. James strips to show off society t-shirt.
  8. They all drew in our race.
  9. Team jog to warm down. 2-3-1-0.
  10. Open bags of sandwiches. 2-1-2-1 (Om nom nom nom).
  11. Twitching sort of way is important.
  12. The real world is confounding their attempts to maths the playing of Poohsticks.
  13. It needed verbing. 4-0-1-1 (She needed verbing).
  14. “I think you’ll find we were badly physicsing it.”
  15. Expansion of universe; we has it.
  16. It is the proper way to eat a banana. 3-0-2-2 (There’s no proper way to eat a banana; Head eats banana. Om nom nom nom.).
  17. Matt’s plan: to get the longest silence possible and then second it. 2-3-1-0.
  18. Commend Glorious President. 7-0-0-1 (Carol voted twice).
  19. Poohsoc are technically undefeated.
  20. Minuting is harder when there is no table or my knees. 5-0-1-0.
  21. Make Lulu and Matt’s mum honorary members for services in the sporting field. 5-0-1-0.
  22. We’re going to the pub. 8-0-1-2 (Carol again; I suggest we go up the hill first).
  23. No streakers at Poohsticks Championship. 3-2-3-2 (It depends who it is; elite knowledge of the Navier-Stokes equations is cheating at Poohsticks).
  24. Seán and Lisa have been with us a while.
  25. We are at a pub.
  26. Minutes of previous meeting.
  27. The table is dangerously inclined.
  28. We discuss reading.
  29. About now or about half-past now.
  30. Will thinks we shouldn’t care about the boat race.
  31. You can do it in nice weather without getting terribly cold. 7-0-2-1 (Dragons).
  32. Will does an impression of a train.
  33. The train runs the driver.
  34. What is a half a half of?
  35. “Twillo, you’re shameless.” Will agrees.
  36. Maths corner; there was one.
  37. Chips have been donated for the greater good.
  38. We “read” ‘The King’s Breakfast’.
  39. That was a pretty good approximation of ‘The King’s Breakfast’.
  40. Dzvznih-h-h. 7-0-1-2 (Mrifk; mnuh-mnuh mnuh-mnuh).
  41. Lisa and Seán pay Pooh Levy.
  42. We sing ‘Cottleston Pie’.
  43. Northern Ireland is somewhat of a special case.
  44. Constitutional discussion. [Minuted by James]
  45. Ed would make a sweet couple. 1-3-4-1 (Ed is a sweet triple).
  46. Close the meeting. 6-0-1-0.

Extraordinary Meeting at Matt’s House.

In which pink is the wrong shade of pink for Pure Maths.

Held on Sunday 29th March 2009 in Matt's house.

Present: Will, Ignatius, Matt, Lulu, Seán, Lisa, Roseanna, Carol, James.

5.20pm, Will opens meeting.
  1. We are in a meeting. 1-5-0-0.
  2. “Roseanna says we are in a meeting, so there.”
  3. We are in a paradoxical meeting.
  4. We are going to have a reading.
  5. New Testament VI.
  6. This is the wrong shade of pink for Pure Maths. 4-0-3-1 (Pink is the wrong shade of pink for Pure Maths).
  7. Eeyore and Marvin are isomorphic.
  8. Enter James.
  9. Will looks happy.
  10. The two important bits of the day: trophies and beating Oxford.
  11. Psychic paper, would it help in exams?
  12. I can’t remember if it’s two d’s or not. 6-0-1-0.
  13. I’m not having 3D verbs. 1-4-2-0.
  14. I think this is a hint not to do my Latin now. 4-1-3-0.
  15. “Tie” is a 3D verb.
  16. Argument on this.
  17. Do not read minutes of the last meeting. 6-1-1-0.
  18. There are no socks on Matt’s knees.
  19. “Knee-gasms” – it’s a technical term.
  20. “Staines. Tee hee!” – Will.
  21. Close. General acclamation (and pizza).

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