Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which dictators and sea-kittens are deprecated.

Held on Saturday the 17th January 2009 in Lucy CR.

Present – Elena, Ed, Roseanna, James, Carol, Matt, Rachel, Ignatius, CGM, Will, Bazil, Mr. Bazil (Chris).

  1. The porters are friendly.
  2. Ed did not come from the cupboards, he came with the Newnhamites.
  3. 1% milk… what’s the rest?
  4. Enter Elena, Bazil and Mr. Bazil.
  5. Carol is not a terrorist or a Nazi?
  6. Don’t worry, it’s just damn weird.
  7. Deoxygenated water?
  8. Arts and crafts happen with Rachel and Ignatius.
  9. Carol is making a quilt.
  10. Let someone else do it. 9-1-1-0.
  11. Minutes of several meetings.
  12. Why… [minute unfinished]
  13. James is the shipping forecast. 8-0-2-1 (Scilly automatic 9 miles).
  14. “No one would hurt a sea-kitten…”
                                                            “I would.” 9-1-2-0.
  15. Visitors can vote. 9-0-1-0.
  16. PETA is extremely odd. 6-0-1-1 (I don’t think that quite does them justice).
  17. Matt paid pooh levy.
  18. Non-quorate-ness discussion.
  19. Censure Robert Mughabi. 10-0-2-0.
  20. Bazil should write to tell him.
  21. If Zimbabwe take over England they’ll come for Poohsoc.
  22. Dictators can have tea and biscuits. 7-2-3-0.
  23. Dictators don’t have to have grammar.
  24. CATAM discussion.
  25. Talking… I’m just going to eat biscuits in this chaos.
  26. Jaffa cakes must be hiding something.
  27. We love you [Roseanna] even though you look confused. 10-1-1-0.
  28. We should not let Ignatius interpret actions. 9-3-1-1 (I think Ed [Ignatius] should choose everything, we love Ed, Ed for president).
  29. We should sing whatever is projected onto Senate House as a binary solo. 4-4-3-0.
  30. The Facebook group is the truth. 3-5-3-1 (Facebook is an illusion).
  31. Learn ventriloquism, then you can do what you like. 3-5-1-0.
  32. There are actually sweet and innocent science students… and amoral ones.
  33. Immature cheddar. Mmmm.
  34. Some science… I heard the words “crystal” and “salts”.
  35. We should enter a team into the Poohsticks Championships.
  36. Ignatius should be in charge. 4-4-2-0. C.R. votes in favour of himself.
  37. If the river freezes we should play Poohsticks. 9-0-1-0.
  38. There are leftovers from Hallowe’en and Christmas.
  39. A reading of New Testament Chapter VI.
  40. Ignatius sits under and umbrella.
  41. Censure Ignatius for implying CUSFS is not important. 8-1-3-0.
  42. One vote for each spoke. 2-8-1-0.
  43. Someone start reading. 11-0-1-0.
  44. Aaaaargh. 10-1-1-0.
  45. “Outland” sounds sci-fi. Outlander was the weird, space-viking thing.
  46. Commend Eeyore for good acting. 10-0-1-1 (I should be abstaining).
  47. We read “The King’s Breakfast”.
  48. We try to decide when to have the AGM.
  49. Depression is a lovely state of mind; you should try it.
  50. Musical discussion, including trombonists dripping “condensation” down the necks of recorder-ists.
  51. When we go outside, will everything look anti-yellow? Or blue, as it’s commonly called.
  52. Close the meeting. 7-2-1-0.
(Twillo left ages ago…)

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