Expotition to the South Pole

In which we hear the noise of a reversing Roseanna.

Discovered on Saturday the 14th of March 2009 on the way to The Orchard, Grantchester.

Present – CGM, Carol, Roseanna, Will, Ignatius, Alicia, Rob, Jack, James, Elena.

4.15 – Meeting opened.

  1. We are at the Orchard for the purposes of cream tea.
  2. It is difficult to make tea on an inclined plane.
  3. We should write that (above) down. 5-0-0-0.
  4. Although it is traditional, I will attempt not to get jam on the minutes. 1-3-0-0.
  5. Carol and Ignatius return.
  6. The James voted in the Union elections.
  7. “Meep, meep, meep, meep…” – The noise of a reversing Roseanna.
  8. A society not being run constitutionally? Never.
  9. Alicia is good at describing people. Jack would have said she [not Alicia] looks like James and she looks like Kanga.
  10. There’s a difference between being objectionable and Will finding you objectionable. 8-1-1-0.
  11. Someone in America is proposing a bill to make it illegal to turn the noises off.
  12. Cream first, then jam… apparently.
  13. If you have hard jam you just take small spoonfuls of it and dollop it on. 5-4-1-0.
  14. If you’re putting cream on potatoes you’re doing it wrong.
  15. Roseanna is good thanks. 8-1-1-0.
  16. Are you just going to vote against everything? 2-0-6-2 (It’s a question; no, I can also spoil if I want to).
  17. I propose that Twillo is going to vote against this motion. 0-3-5-0.
  18. Tea is done. 4-1-2-1 (I like hot chocolate).
  19. Carol to read “Buttercup Days” and make it sound dirty. 7-0-3-0.
  20. Carol reads “Buttercup Days”.
  21. Success.
  22. Last week’s minutes.
  23. Censure Carol for not abstaining. 8-0-2-0.
  24. Bazil has apologised.
  25. Mandate Will not to do “Something Unpleasant”. 5-4-1-1 (Carol voted twice).
  26. Commend Will on not doing “Something Unpleasant”. 7-2-1-2 (Carol votes twice; “Twillo is lovely”).
  27. Stash is again discussed.
  28. Purple, when you wear it with grey and black, is more manly. 4-4-2-1 (Carol votes twice). CR decides “for”.
  29. Manly is kind of the opposite of pastels. 4-4-1-0. CR decides “against”.
  30. Girly is not pathetic. 3-3-4-0. CR decides “for”.
  31. Hitler did it wrong. He tried to copy the Romans and he got it wrong. 6-1-1-1 (“Tall, white, blonde-haired, physically outstanding males”- Twillo).
  32. Commend Elena on the condescending *pat-pat*. 7-1-2-0.
  33. Discussion of film thing-thing.
  34. “Thing-thing” is a good word. 6-2-1-0.
  35. Do not try to steal my spoon! 4-3-2-1 (*Spoon vote*)
  36. Close meeting. 5-2-3-0.

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