Minutes of Elevenses and Emergency Extraordinary General Meeting

In which Will in a corset.

Held on Saturday the 21st of February 2009 in James' Room in Burrell's.

Present – James, Ignatius, Ermintrude, Rachel [Ermintrude’s pet geologist from another place], Carol, CGM, Roseanna, Ed, Will, Alicia, Matt, Jack, Bazil.

  1. There were builders involved.
  2. Explanation of “Twillo”.
  3. Ed enters by the window.
  4. Are those gloves in his pocket or is…? Yes, they’re gloves.
  5. Will enters by the window and usurps the secretary’s chair. Alicia enters less scarily.
  6. Censure Will for stealing the secretary’s chair. 5-1-3-0.
  7. Visitors can vote. Lots-1-1-0.
  8. It clashes with geek curry.
  9. Will wasn’t that tactful, to be fair.
  10. Enter Matt (by the door).
  11. A conundrum on the ownership of the scarf.
  12. Will believes there are female nerds out there who will marry nerds.
  13. Enter Jack.
  14. Jack thinks he’s 27. 7-1-1-0.
  15. The sheer whadjamacallit of power.
  16. Open EEGM for electing treasurer. 10-1-1-1 (Just to be awkward).
  17. Tie Will’s hands together so he can’t vote “against”. 6-3-2-0.
  18. Suspending normal EGM rules.
  19. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.
  20. <Now Will is trying on the corset>.
  21. “Excuse me while I grope you…”
  22. That’s quite impressive.
  23. Will is just like that. 8-0-2-1.
  24. Enter Bazil.
  25. James and Ed are standing on a single ticket.
  26. You have to cling to each other lovingly. 7-0-2-0.
  27. They hust for positions of Coastguard.
  28. That court over there is Pembroke. Lots-1-1-0.
  29. We should vote that it’s Hawaii so we can advertise that all our meetings are in Hawaii. 2-3-1-0.
  30. Minutes of last week.
  31. All hail Ignatius. “Un-seconded”.
  32. Foreign Secretary needs to write to find out about the World Poohsticks Championships.
  33. Voting for coastguards. Lots-few-some-none.
  34. Coastguards – 8, RON – 2.
  35. Censure them for hopping. 3-3-2-0. CR decides “against”.
  36. Some of us survive without polka-dot shower caps.
  37. That’s a tragic misuse of Jammie Dodgers. 7-2-1-2 (Needs more chocolate sauce with the spanking; I can think of a more tragic misuse).
  38. Procrastinate later. 7-3-1-2 (We should procrastinate tomorrow; we should procrastinate all the time).
  39. Rosanna husts on behalf of Rachel, who can count. [James can’t spell- Roseanna].
  40. Matt left some bannanas in Will’s room. [Ditto- Roseanna].
  41. Ed tells a disturbing story.
  42. Rachelor or Roseanna for treasurerer. (James husts for Roseanna) [And again- Roseanna].
    Rachel – 1st
    Roseanna – 2nd
    TESSA – 3rd
  43. Censure people for being idiots inside. 3-0-2-0. (They have locked us out so we shall have our own meeting).
  44. Reading (is discussed).
  45. James has a tiny metal top-hat.
  46. James doesn’t spell well under pressure.
  47. In which Tigger is unbounced- New Testament VII.
  48. Ermintrude is going to blow on her own horn, dear boy.
  49. Strange, mathematical appreciation of the screensaver.
  50. The Greeks were amusingly trippy
  1. Carol’s shoes have a soul/sole?
  2. CGM reads “Disobedience”.
  3. Commend Roseanna for her “Disobedience”. 8-1-2-0.
  4. Elect Ignatius as King John? Save it for someone else; he’s already Wol.
  5. Matt for King John?
  6. Matt does not want to be King John’ed.
  7. Reinstate the biscuit league we should.
  8. Some Classicsy stuff is mentioned. WOO!
  9. Close meeting. 7-1-1-0.
* Minutes in italics taken by James.
** On typing these up, I notice my counting error. Clearly I cannot count. Arts-student fail. – Roseanna.

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