Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we consider circumventing a ban on sandwiches using 'cake'.

Held on Saturday the 7th of March 2009 chez Annie.

Present – Carol, Ignatius, CGM, Bazil, James, Ed, Annie, Roseanna, Elena, Mickey.

A little after 4pm – Annie gets us into King’s and we open the meeting.

  1. There is ice cream.
  2. Jack sends his apologies.
  3. “Ignatius, please don’t disturb Roseanna.” 5-2-1-1 (Carol abstained and voted “for”).
  4. Mr. Bazil says “hi” by the way.
  5. Poohsoc, dignified?
  6. We read the minutes of the previous meeting(s).
  7. James can’t spell “stretchy”. 7-0-1-1. (“Stratchy.” “How do you spell that?” “Badly.”)
  8. Americans pronounce it phonetically because they have no imagination.
  9. Commend all those who made food and brought it to the meeting. 5-0-3-0.
  10. No, we don’t want Ignatius to vote on behalf of the door.
  11. Potatoes are unable to vote unless Ignatius equips them with speakers or we genetically engineer them to be sentient and have arms.
  12. What would you use a time machine for? Various suggestions, including riding a dinosaur, listening to Cicero, Linear A, changing history, the future and stuff.
  13. Spaceship-Building for Dummies.
  14. Ed reads some Eeyore.
  15. Poohsoc walk to Grantchester next week?
  16. CUSFS talk.
  17. Poohsticks world championships. So far coming: Ignatius, James, Matt, Roseanna.
  18. A knock at the door.
  19. Enter Mickey and Elena.
  20. Mickey is quite happy to be called “Michael”.
  21. Visitors can vote. 8-0-1-0.
  22. If you keep turning up to meetings without paying we start glaring at you.
  23. Reading of Old Testament VII.
  24. There isn’t always but there usually is.
  25. Commend the coastguards on actually guarding coasters. 7-0-3-0.
  26. Carol can vote in the Union elections on Monday but we’ll censure her for it.
  27. A savoury tuna-and-cucumber sponge cake.
  28. Argh! Maths! I heard the word “Euclidean” and some other… stuff.
  29. Bazil was tempted to censure us for non-Pooh-related discussion before, and now.
  30. The world almost ended – the UL computer system was down.
  31. Censure the maths-talkers for non-Pooh-related discussion. 7-2-2-1 (Carol voted twice).
  32. “Now which part of the song would that fit into?” (Consider yourselves censured).
  33. Roseanna should ride rides sat next to Ignatius to make them scary.
  34. “I am not a subject; I am a free man.”
  35. CGM is going on an expotition on Friday.
  36. They did read the previous week’s minutes last week.
  37. Mickey is a little amazed that we made Will president.
  38. I will disappear mysteriously and people will read my notes and GO INSANE!
  39. Plushy Cthulhu! <http://www.logicalcreativity.com/jon/plush/17.html>
  40. Classics discussion is ended by threat of censurement.
  41. Elena is competing for Emma and must depart.
  42. There was discussion of zany schemes, some of which involved rudeness, other violence.
  43. Elena egressa est.
  44. If you attempt the other way you’ll probably get lost and die.
  45. Carol’s commitment to beer is not such that she needs a beer glass.
  46. Elena is more foldable than Mickey. 7-1-1-0.
  47. “This can only be settled by a contest”.
  48. “Sewage treatment is actually fascinating”.
  49. There is contemplation of stash.
  50. We are going to Grantchester next week (Bazil sends her apologies in advance).
  51. Close meeting. 8-0-2-0.

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