Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which cookies are called cookies and CGM writes with a kife.

Held on Saturday the 31st January 2009 chez Alicia, Jesus.

Present – Ed, Ignatius, Will, Alicia, James, CGM, Bazil, Roseanna, Elena, Annie, Jack, Carol, Rachel.

  1. 4.09pm meeting opened.
  2. Ignatius has sent us another postcard. It is in some form of code.
  3. CGM calls cookies “cookies”.
  4. Fish… we are more closely related to some of them than they are to each other.
  5. Enter Elena.
  6. Owen has apologised for his absence from this meeting.
  7. CGM is writing with a knife.
  8. CGM writes down who wants to be what.
  9. Enter Annie.
  10. There were holes in the committee.
  11. Will is enthusiastic and unsure for what.
  12. Censure Will for locking James out to die. 9-1-1-0.
  13. Will says “I’d have brought him back in before he died, out of interest.”
  14. Not supposed to propose or second two people for the same post. 7-2-1-0.
  15. Enter Carol.
  16. Carol has bought coasters.
  17. Carol has been nominated for President of Poohsoc, as CGM doesn’t trust the other two candidates.
  18. Pillow fight ensues in the background.
  19. Alicia could be the Dance Commander.
  20. Lots of people stand/are stood for posts.
  21. Carol is standing for the James. 8-1-3-0.
  22. It’s not a deadly, razor-brimmed hat, it’s just elderly. 7-2-3-1 (It’s a lovely, razor-brimmed hat).
  23. Last week’s minutes.
  24. Enter Rachel.
  25. Some of us enjoyed a relaxing game of Scrabble. To win. In space.
  26. CGM doesn’t understand why anyone chooses to take their clothes off in public. 9-0-1-0.
  27. Some people are just European.
  28. Ignatius explains his hint.
  29. Reading of OTIV.
  30. Disney are evil – they made Christopher Robin female.
  31. Ed is not going to do a headstand.
  32. Ed reads a poem “The Engineer”.
  33. They cancelled Monday morning. 6-4-2-0.
  34. AGM- formal or fancy dress.
  35. Mandate Elena to tell Alex he is creepy. 7-5-2-0.
  36. Maybe not. That would be mean.
  37. Rachel doesn’t want a hint.
  38. Leprosy is a very general term.
  39. “I think that’s two c’s” 5-0-3-1 (fcc).
  40. Close the meeting. 11-0-1-0.

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