Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2009

In which an election is settled by Other Selection Procedure.

Held on Saturday the 7th of February 2009 in Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College.

Present – Carol, Elena, Bazil, Ignatius, Rachel, CGM, Jack, Ed, Alicia, James, Roseanna, Ermintrude, some potatoes, Will, Annie.

Meeting opened – 4.15pm
  1. CGM’s cookie-theory has been disproved.
  2. Master, a biscuit has the cookie nature, if…
  3. Minutes of previous meeting.
  4. Enter Will.
  5. Enter Annie.
  6. Carol gives a loose and general treasurer’s report.
  7. The biscuit/cookie debate rages once more.
  8. If we elect Carol right now she can resign immediately. 8-0-2-0.
  9. Carol resigns as president.
  10. Election for president:
    10 a) Hustings: Ignatius – off the cuff hilarity. He googled RON in a skirt; it was not pretty.
    10 b) The Revolution is coming, now is the time, vote Ignatius.
    10 c) Latke? Maybe. The death of one potato is a tragedy, the death of many is a statistic.
    10 d) Jam is much more important.
    10 e) Any specific plans for the society? Hire a garden? Honouring the traditions.
    10 f) Smirking.
    10 g) Accusations that he is a puppet of the potato lobby end in thinly-veiled threats.
    10 h) Twillo must make a better speech, instead he pouts to get the sympathy vote.
    10 i) Then he threatens an Unhappy Tigger if we don’t vote for him.
    10 j) He offers Ignatius’ mangled corpse as a bribe.
    10 k) Twillo has “infiltrated” Sheila [spit][spit].
    10 l) He has frequently killed a member of The Other Society.
    10 m) Red jam is his favourite colour of jam, comprehensively described.
    10 n) His Pooh-knowledge fails-ish.

    Votes – Will – 6
    Ignatius – 6
    RON – 0
    Revote by potato-piling

    10 o) [Will] Why didn’t I do an Engineering degree?
    10 p) [Ed] Ooh that’s an interesting variegated biscuit.
    10 q) I think Will’s is bigger.
    10 r) Will wins by potato-piling.
  11. Home secretary – Annie, Alicia, James, Will, Ignatius.
    11 a) James can write and is suave, either like Simeon Bird or himself.
    11 b) Brown home-made jam (marmalade is not jam).
    11 c) Ignatius promises more good postcards.
    11 d) Clotted cream discussion.
    11 e) Annie is literate and can talk to people.
    11 f) Her shoelaces are the right length.
    11 g) Orange jam. Marmalade does count.
    11 h) Marmite is not jam.
    11 i) The Greeks were maybe Compscis.
    11 j) Alicia will send interesting and historical Northern postcards.
    11 k) Purple jam (Vimto purple).
    11 l) Will does not hust.

    Vote – Ignatius wins.
  12. Foreign Secretary – Bazil, James, Annie, Roseanna.
  13. I did not realise I was stood for this, I don’t know what the position is, so, yeah, vote for me. Wait, no, don’t vote for me. [Roseanna]
  14. Annie is still literate.
  15. Firstly, I would like to be the Foreign Secretary, which is what I assume I am now husting for…
  16. [Minute scribbled out]
  17. By general acclamation, the temporary post of press secretary, charged with actually communicating with real people, is created. It will be uncreated when nobody is interested.
    Foreign Secretary – Bazil – win.
    Press Secretary – Annie – win.
  18. We’ve had complaints about skipping.
  19. Roseanna – secretary by general acclamation.
  20. Undersecretary – Elena, Ed, Ignatius, James.
    20 a) What does James want? A secretary post. I can read his writing “but then again, you are learning Babylonian Cuneiform”.
    20 b) Elena – why not?
    20 c) Ed likes writing things, but not too many things.
    20 d) Ed is commendable.
    20 e) Marmite is really, really not jam. 10-2-0-1 (Bovril).
    20 f) Carol is generally a lot more enthusiastic about sex than that just not in public. 8-0-4-0.

    Vote – James wins.
  21. We are told where to skip quietly.
  22. Treasurer – Annie, Carol.
    22 a) Carol is very dedicated.
    22 b) Visual aid on jams. Feijoa – a New Zealand fruit.
    22 c) Zeppelins should stay in alternate universes.
    22 d) Lemon curd.
    22 e) Annie likes shiny coins.
    22 f) Cash boxes are nice.
    22 g) Sweet in a horrid, banky way.

    Vote – Carol wins in complicatedness.
  23. Christopher Robin – only CGM can stand. She wins.
  24. Elena for Rabbit (CGM resigns) and gets it (with clapping).
  25. Elena was Pooh, now Bazil is.
  26. Carol resigns as Treasurer.
  27. This will be left a week.
  28. Singing of “Cottleston Pie” and toast.
  29. There were photos, silly and otherwise.
  30. Motion to suspend meeting and close Annual Generalness. 10-1-0-0.
  31. Eeyore to host next week. (We are now in the restaurant).
  32. Pooh sticks while playing Bridge.
  33. CGM, go into a supermarket and look around the biscuit section. 10-0-2-0.
  34. The cookie discussion returns.
  35. Xeno’s cracker.
  36. There has to be Escher. 10-1-1-1 (Magical Stairway).
  37. Carol for James. 11-0-2-0.
  38. Carol would rather be James than Wilhelmina. 6-2-5-0.
  39. We all love Simeon Bird. 7-2-2-1 (Yay! Simeon!).
  40. Commend Carol for finding innuendo. 7-2-1-0.
  41. Close meeting. 10-0-2-1 (Carol voted).

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