Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which knitting and sewing occur.

Held on Saturday the 24th January 2009 in Roseanna's Room, Newnham.

Present – Ignatius, Carol, James, Roseanna, CGM, Jaya [a Shiela. Ed.], Jack, Bazil, Alicia, Annie, Ed, Matt, Lulu [Mrs Matt. Ed.], Rachel

3.50pm meeting opened.
  1. Three of us are dead. Bother.
  2. James contemplates rules-lawyering.
  3. Enter CGM.
  4. Is Alicia still in the toilet? I didn’t check.
  5. Commend James on his labelling of the cosh. 4-0-1-0.
  6. Enter Jack and Jaya.
  7. Enter Bazil.
  8. Carol is knitting her scarf of HoM.
  9. Bazil is knitting too.
  10. Enter Alicia.
  11. Censure Alicia for shooting people. 8-0-0-0.
  12. Don’t squirt the minutes. 5-1-0-0.
  13. Mr. Bazil says “Hi”.
  14. Enter Annie.
  15. Restricting Ignatius’ religious freedoms? 3-4-3-1 (Spanish Inquisition).
  16. One of your books just committed suicide. 7-1-0-0.
  17. Soon I will be INVINCIBLE! [James] 9-1-0-0.
  18. We just read last week’s minutes.
  19. That’s the trouble with biscuits. You get crumbs everywhere and assassins coming out of the wainscoting.
  20. Annie needs a megaphone. 5-5-0-0. CR decides “For. Yeah, more megaphones.”
  21. Morrissey dancing… someone dancing while giving birth. She died.
  22. Extreme sports are getting more popular- Morris dancing with maces.
  23. Enter Ed.
  24. Independent confirmation of fife instead of knork.
  25. They’re looking for Higg’s Bosons… have they checked behind the sofa?
  26. Surely the red duck is a communist.
  27. There is sewing happening.
  28. Pros and cons of Twillo as umpire next game?
  29. Trying to cook a sausage with the water mains would be interesting.
  30. Jack was supposed to carbonate a burger.
  31. Jaya invites us to Sheila [spit].
  32. You shouldn’t speak to anyone not Jaya regarding Sheila [spit].
  33. Reading, in which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water.
  34. Exit Jaya.
  35. It’s stalking you. 6-4-1-0.
  36. Censure Roseanna/Ignatius/everyone involved in assassinatious activities mid-reading for non-Pooh-related activity. Passed by general acclamation.
  37. Enter Matt and Lulu.
  38. Visitors can retrospectively vote. 11-0-0-0.
  39. Commend Roseanna for revenge. 8-1-2-0.
  40. Dave Henderson is mentioned.
  41. CGM does not approve of revenge.
  42. Censure Neil. 6-2-1-0.
  43. There are many types of censure, censor, censer, sensor.
  44. Alicia should host a meeting.
  45. AGM is on the 7th February.
  46. Anyone want to organise the meal after AGM?
  47. Lulu nominates Matt.
  48. Matt says “OK!”.
  49. Awkward turtles happen.
  50. Awkward balloons are less fun.
  51. Lulu is introduced to Everyone.
  52. Matt should introduce us with a made-up fact about our young lives. 11-1-0-0.
  53. Ed has a solenoidal electric field. 11-0-1-0.
  54. More awkward turtle. It is embarrassed and retreating back into its shell.
  55. Ignatius is Matt for the next ten minutes – passed by general acclamation.
  56. Ignatius is better at interesting facts.
  57. Jack knows too much about wainscoting.
  58. My blanket may be made of an electric sheep.
  59. Enter Rachel (multi-coloured).
  60. Censure Rachel for awful grammar. 5-2-2-1 (James- a greater degree of unstealth).
  61. We think going to the Thai place after the AGM is a good idea.
  62. Ignatius is not Matt. 0-0-13-0. CR doesn’t think Ignatius is Matt.
  63. Run, Ignatius, run! 1-1-2-2 (*Ignatius shoots the secretary*, “I think he should hop, not run.”).
  64. Annie leaves.
  65. Commend all of Poohsoc’s members on glorious, glorious subtlety, 6-1-2-1 (No, in an extremely unsubtle way *bounce*).
  66. Matt and Lulu leave to go to Sainsbury’s.
  67. Argh, cosh [=(ex + e-x)/2, also a minor weapon. Ed.] related Maths.
  68. CGM reads “Explained”.
  69. Discussion of souls, tie-dyed and otherwise.
  70. James should update the CUSFS website, at all, ever. 8-2-1-1 (spoiled by being against (Rachel)).
  71. I blame Alex Atkins [CGM].
  72. Discussion of sexy nuns/priests.
  73. Put the rubber band gun down. 8-0-1-1 (*Ignatius fires rubber bands at the secretary*).
  74. This is why I’m “Bazil”. [Bazil] 8-1-1-0.
  75. Ignatius asks if he can Parsley.
  76. Mandate Alicia to sing the song. 6-3-1-0.
  77. Exit Bazil.
  78. It’s not adultery if you’re wearing socks (in Cambridge).
  79. Mmm… German cake.
  80. A flash animation of dressing Ed [Ignatius] in a skirt.
  81. “Ed, just try it.”
  82. Close meeting. 6-0-0-0.

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