Extraordinary After-a-CUSFS-film-evening Meeting

In which axes are spelled the same and they sing the Tiddley-Pom song.

Held on Thursday the 19th of March 2009 in Will's Room, Trinity.

Present: Fraser, James, Will, Alicia, Ed, Ignatius, Roseanna.

12.27am – Meeting opened (by Will).

  1. Will’s CATAM is on paper.
  2. Ignore standard meeting stuff. 4-2-0-0.
  3. Visitors can vote. 4-0-1-1. (Channelling Carol’s spirit).
  4. What did you say three years ago about Mediaeval Greece? That’ll never affect my life…
  5. There is stubble in the room.
  6. Ed said “stubborn”.
  7. Will is a git. 2-3-1-0.
  1. They did the Tiddly-Pom song with the Tiddly-Poms. *
  2. Christopher Robin gets first pick.
  3. You can’t get colds from eating slightly off lettuce. 3-2-2-0.
  4. That’s Sovietistick.
  5. Fraser is saying that I’m a communist.
  6. (James says) Will obsessively pretends to be obsessive. 4-1-0-1. (I just thought I’d make a change from abstaining).
  7. It’s *click* unclear.
  8. Exit Fraser.
  9. Are you sitting on an orange bullet thing?
    - No…
    - Why not?
  10. Joke-fail.
  11. Scale of Christianity would be helpful. How many axes would you need?
  12. Axes and axes are spelled the same. Much discussion.
  13. I don’t think Viking maths was particularly sophisticated.
  14. Storage is useful. 5-0-0-1. (Four-age).
  15. Will is playing Dominion online.
  16. It is a perversion and will not be discussed here/it’s cute.
  17. Ed does not go out with everything he finds cute.
  18. We’ll leave Alicia to black out the naughty bits.
  19. There wasn’t much mugging in the school.
  20. Close meeting. 4-0-0-0.

* Once more, I display the inability to count correctly. - Roseanna

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