Extraordinary Wedding Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which two members get college-married and girly sleepoverness happens.

Held on Monday the 16th of March 2009 Roseanna's Room, Newnham.

Present – CGM, Ignatius, Rachel, Alicia, Will, Carol, James, Roseanna, Ed

  1. CGM starts reading part of “The Red House” by A. A. Milne.
  2. Carol is making Will’s hair curly and ringletty.
  3. The Red House” is being read properly with bingage.
  4. Ed returns.
  5. “The President is having his hair done.” So perhaps CGM is allowed to be dominant.
  6. Duels, Dutch astronomers and the difficulty of slicing off noses.
  7. Censure for non-Pooh-related discussion. 1-5-2-0.
  8. It tastes of medicine so it ought to have psychoactive effects. 5-1-3-0.
  9. Censure Roseanna for threatening Tigger with hair-straighteners. 3-4-2-0.
  10. Will would almost look angelic, were he not Will.
  11. Alicia is going to straighten James’ hair.
  12. “Will, you have very pretty girly hair” – James.
  13. Girly sleepoverness is happening.
  14. James can use the internet. 6-1-1-0.
  15. Ed has been eyeshadowed and eyelinered.
  16. There is Youtubage of “Flight of the Conchords – The Humans are Dead”.
  17. We show Will Megan’s Ood porn.
  18. Minutes of the last meeting.
  19. James isn’t. 2-4-2-0.
  20. Everyone male in the room apart from James is wearing make-up.
  21. Wedding cake is cut.
  22. People want cake.
  23. The internet is being weird; it’s Will’s fault.
  24. Will wants small silver balls.
  25. Roseanna’s hair is well-behaved.
  26. Ed is being en-curlified.
  27. Alicia gains a hair spring.
  28. Mnyip.
  29. Red cash-box is for ceremonial purposes only.
  30. Ed knows a Compsci who does that.
  31. Will has been sucked into the internet.
  32. Ballistic galvanometer.
  33. CGM is kind of not awake.
  34. James was always going to be a physicist, but cunningly managed to avoid the practicals.
  35. There are lots of hats in here.
  36. You have fedora’d my rainbow hat of rainbow. 6-0-1-1 (Blade Runner).
  37. We must be quiet for the neighbour.
  38. Propose bubbles. 6-1-2-0.
  39. Will has broken my internets… oops.
  40. Carol never forgets… like an elephant.
  41. Let’s close the meeting. 5-1-2-0.

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