Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 04/11/2000 in O10

Present : Martin, Richard, Neil, Owen, Jenny, Ben, Debbie, Miklos, Ian, Kieren.

Apologies : Claire, Yasmin, Andrew, Rosie

  1. The meeting is opened.

  2. Votes to censure everyone who isn't here and hasn't apologised. Passed.

  3. "What's that?", Its an inflatable Christmas tree.

  4. We have our 10 GAC allocation from last year.

  5. Joy pops in

  6. Debbie has her own pigeonhole in DAMTP

  7. Votes to send off for a fighter plane - Passed.

  8. Pooh is in the Dome, near Blair and Black cabs.

  9. Votes to mandate Owen to write a letter to the people who run the dome to congratulate them on putting Pooh in the dome: Passed.

  10. We should try and get the picture from the dome when it closes.

  11. Votes to give the Christmas tree voting rights: Passed.

  12. Votes to censure Jenny for being a shopoholic and thus being unable to phone us last week: Failed.

  13. Votes to blame it all on Jarrett: Passed.

  14. We need to invite Ed to formal hall.

  15. Votes to make Martin minute all through formal hall next week: Passed.

  16. Ben reads the minutes from 28/10/00 in a very silly way.

  17. Ben is lapsing into a paedophile.

  18. Votes to bury a time capsule in the middle of the bowling green: Failed.

  19. "A celebration of Pembroke's Pianists" is noticed and all the statutory jokes are then made.

  20. Joy would have given it to Jenny.

  21. Votes to ignore whets going on in the corner: Passed.

  22. Ben takes the tree in the bedroom.

  23. Votes to make the mathmo clock go to lectures: Passed.

  24. Do the Irish have Guy Fawkes night.

  25. Ben reads the letter from Mrs. Barbour.

  26. Votes to give Kieren voting rights: Passed.

  27. Votes to ignore the part in the constitution that says the treasurer has to authorise spending of the societies money: Passed.

  28. Votes to buy some copies of the testaments with the societies money: Passed.

  29. We discuss the Honorary members.

  30. Votes to censure Kieren for not having any testaments: Passed.

  31. Reading: In which Piglet meets a Heffalump.

  32. Votes to censure Ben for destroying the archives: Passed

  33. Votes to censure Ben for not having any testaments with him: Passed

  34. Votes to censure Ben as much as we like: Passed.

  35. Jenny's got some broccoli and beans.

  36. Next weeks meeting is the EGM somewhere at 4pm, followed by formal hall (black tie preferred)

  37. Votes to close: Passed.

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