Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 28/10/2000 in Rm 6. 10 Selwyn Gardens

Present : Martin, Owen, Richard, Neil, Rosie, Andrew, Debbie, Laura, Mary, Someone

Apologies : Jenny, Ben, Claire, Yasmin

  1. The meeting is opened.

  2. The meeting very nearly becomes unconstitutional as people leave, but then they thankfully return with more people.

  3. Votes that its Andrews turn to answer the door every time: Passed.

  4. Rosie wonders if Jenny is coming to the meeting.

  5. Ian might be in the cage.

  6. The wafers are passed round and round and round.

  7. Some people are not very happy with the choice of bank we made.

  8. Rosie reads the minutes from 21/10/00.

  9. Rosie reads the minutes from the Committee meeting on 21/10/00.

  10. Votes to censure all of the committee who aren't at the meeting: Passed.

  11. The only character we have at the meeting is Wol.

  12. Reading: In which Piglet does a very Grand thing.

  13. We discuss why Owen has to keep hold of the jar of Hunny.

  14. Vote to censure Owen for not keeping hold of the Jar of Hunny: Passed

  15. Martin realises he has been a member for over a year more than anyone else at the meeting.

  16. Andrew and Rosie got wet this morning.

  17. Rosie asks if Andrew and herself should turn into a Battenburg cake.

  18. The mini-biscuits go round and round and round.

  19. Colour co-ordinating hair and T-shirts.

  20. Fireworks and Halloween are mentioned.

  21. The societies TV appearance is mentioned again.

  22. We play with Owen's Tigger.

  23. Why would you want to skin Tigger?

  24. Votes that Mary and Laura should go: Passed.

  25. Should we have votes to close: Passed

  26. Votes to close: Passed

  27. The meeting is re-opened, next week O10, votes to close: Passed.

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