Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 18/11/2000 in H1

Present : Martin, Owen, Ben, Jenny, Richard, Claire, Debbie, Ian, Rosie, Andrew

Apologies : Yasmin, Mary, Rosie

  1. Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. Winters head.

  3. "A fork is a possibility" - Jenny to Richard.

  4. Votes to censure Owen's Mum for giving birth to him on the wrong day: Passed.

  5. Ben has formally applied to the House of Lords, so wants us to call him Lord Parker.

  6. Votes that Ben should do Owen first: Failed.

  7. Philip pays his Pooh levy.

  8. Ian came in the back way.

  9. You have to be careful who you eat food from.

  10. Votes that we've just had dinner: Passed.

  11. Minutes of EGM 11/11/00- Read by Ben.

  12. The biscuits are opened.

  13. Minutes of meeting 11/11/00 - Read by Philip.

  14. Minutes of committee meeting 11/11/00 - Read by Philip.

  15. Gist of the article is given to us by Ben.

  16. The cheque books have the same number: Claire will go in to see them about it.

  17. Ben's Game: Contact a celebrity and get them to send you a Pooh stick. Judged on
    1. Distance.
    2. Degree of Fame
    3. The poohstick
    Closing date is the first constitutional meeting of next term.

  18. Votes to censure Weekend: Passed.

  19. July Censured is a first year Mathmo.

  20. Votes that Claire is not mature: Passed.

  21. Votes to define a plethora as being two: Passed.

  22. Ben would prefer an excess of bodily fluid.

  23. Votes to censure Oxford: Passed.

  24. What reading should we have.

  25. Claire wanted Piglet.

  26. What reading to have is still being debated.

  27. Reading: In which Rabbit has a busy day and we find out what Christopher Robin does in the Morning.

  28. Andrew and Rosie will be here shortly.

  29. Philip plugs his play, Ian then does the same.

  30. Votes to rename the society - "Pembroke College Lets all Plug Our Plays Society" : Failed.

  31. Votes to censure Martin for not getting in the way: Passed.

  32. Ben's mobile phone rings.

  33. Ben wants to put it in Owen's mouth.

  34. Votes to censure Claire for being a bitch: Failed.

  35. As Claire had so cruelly stolen Philip's only line in the reading, his one moment of glory, the highlight of his weekend, we re-read that part, making sure Claire doesn't steal his line this time.

  36. Next weeks meeting will be in Rm 8, 27 Bateman Street.

  37. Ian may not be able to come next week.

  38. Votes to let Richard take closure to dinner: Passed.

  39. Debbie skips.

  40. There are uncountably many real numbers.

  41. Mathmo jokes are getting out of hand.

  42. How do you check your email in tellytubby land.
  43. CMS is tellytubby land.

  44. Votes to censure everyone who spammed the mailing list: Passed.

  45. Claire sits there shouting out "too much spam" repeatedly.

  46. A load of random conversations are held.

  47. Votes to censure Ben : Failed.

  48. Votes that forcing people to do things is wrong: Failed.

  49. Votes that Martin is a nasty boy: Passed.

  50. Votes to mandate Claire to ruin her entire life: Failed (Although my notes do strangely say passed for this one)

  51. Votes to stop Martin doing the stupid circulating the food joke for the rest of the meeting: Passed.

  52. We've eaten all of the biscuits.

  53. Votes to censure Boots for making fowl tasting medicine: Failed.

  54. Claire (Kanga) had a taste of her own medicine.

  55. Votes to close: Passed.

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