Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 13/10/2001 on Poohsticks Bridge and in M1.


Present : Owen, Martin, Neil, Michelle*, other random people*

Apologies : Rosie, Richard, Jenny

  1. Meeting officially opened by Owen.

  2. Meeting unofficially opened by Owen.

  3. Fluids equations

  4. Round 1: Neil, Owen, Michelle

  5. Owen goes looking for trees

  6. Round 2: Neil, Owen, Michelle

  7. Round 3: Owen, (Michelle, Neil)

  8. Round 4: Neil, Owen, Michelle

  9. Votes to put "You are not allowed to destroy the bridge" into the poohsticks rules: Passed

  10. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  11. Longer sticks tend to be shorter: Passed

  12. Some little kid throws all our sticks in the water.

  13. Votes to censure the little kid for throwing all our sticks in the water: Passed

  14. Round 5: Michelle

  15. Round 6 'final roundí: (Owen, Neil), Michelle

  16. Neil has a very knobbly stick.

  17. Votes that Martin should write while walking back: Passed

  18. We head to M1

  19. Andrew doesnít know what his name was yesterday.

Present: Martin, Owen, Neil, Michelle*, Andrew, Kirsten, Jacob*, Rosie

Apologies: Richard, Jon, Benedict, Neil M-H, Jenny

  1. You get free tarts with mince pies.

  2. We are not allowed to lean on the cardboard box.

  3. Votes to censure Michelle for making noises with balloons: Passed

  4. Votes to commend visitor for checking that votes to allow visitors to vote was passed: Passed

  5. Votes to invoke clause XXXV: Passed

  6. Votes to confuse the issue: Passed

  7. Correspondence: The letter from Rob is read out.

  8. Owen tells us about the ABC (Australia) radio interview.

  9. Votes to commend Australia for having such good taste in radio subjects: Passed

  10. Michelle enjoys Andrews dragon

  11. Andrew takes a mince pie

  12. Mince pies might be like Camels

  13. Votes that mince pies and camels are identical: Passed

  14. Votes that we have to propose a motion every time we think something: Failed

  15. Minutes of Poohsoc meeting from 06/10/2001 are read by Kirsten

  16. Andrew doesnít often feel better.

  17. Votes that Kirsten is confused: Passed

  18. Votes that they are Jaffa cake bars: Passed

  19. Votes that they are not Jaffa cake bars: Passed

  20. Kirsten asks Owen what heís doing this evening.

  21. Votes that Owen is going to stay here: Failed.

  22. Andrew goes to buy some coke.

  23. Votes to censure the balloon for interrupting the motion: Passed

  24. Vote to sing happy birthday to Neil: Passed

  25. Votes to commend the shop for celebrating Poohís birthday: Passed

  26. Votes to censure the Secretary for not writing up the minutes: Passed

  27. Minutes of 06/10/2001 are read by Neil

  28. Benís big nose is very important

  29. Votes that Linux is a childrenís tv program: Hung, the visitors are hung, CR decides for.

  30. Votes to censure Neil for not pronouncing the capital of Kasakstan properly.

  31. Reading: In which Eeyore looses a tail and Pooh finds one.

  32. Votes that Kirsten doesnít understand: Passed

  33. It suits her: Passed

  34. Votes that Kirsten should wear it to every meeting it attends: Passed

  35. Votes that we donít care: Passed

  36. If we put the teapot in the Uni, the Uni in the kettle and the kettle in the teapot Kirsten will get a headache: Passed

  37. Its so blatantly obviously true that Kirsten canít be bothered to second it: Passed

  38. Votes to censure Thomas for not being here when he said he would be: Passed

  39. Votes to censure them for being nasty to the dragon: Passed

  40. Votes to censure Kirsten for not talking about Pooh material in a meeting: Passed

  41. Votes to get on something more relevant: Passed

  42. Curry powder comes from ground up curries.

  43. Votes to commend Andrew for playing special Pooh like music for special Pooh like people: Passed

  44. Votes to commend him for his: Passed

  45. Next weeks meeting Sunday, 6pm AA20

  46. Votes to make Jon do it again: Failed

  47. Votes to make it snow more often: Failcarried.

  48. That

  49. Votes that we should close the meeting before the working pen runs out: Passed (1 S.b.)

  50. You can take it into your mouth and chew it and swallow it

  51. We can do it again: Passed

  52. Votes on the motion: Passed

  53. Votes to make everyone shut up: Failed

  54. Votes that Owen can propose a motion that we should never have a meeting in a toilet: Passed

  55. He does so but no-one seconds

  56. Votes to close: Passed

  57. It doesnít say chocolate sheep

much later) Ian pays his Pooh levy

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