Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 17/11/2001 in the Inner Parlour, Formal Hall and AA20.

Present : Owen, Debbie, Richard, Neil, Tom, Martin, Richard, Jenny, Rosie, Ben, Andrew, Anthony

Apologies : Ian (formal hall)

  1. Owen opens the EGM

  2. Taking the society over by coup

  3. Lectures at 6pm on Saturdays: Failed

  4. Temple of Neil

  5. The society is always right: Passed

  6. Neil reads the minutes of poohsoc meeting from 10/11/01

  7. Untruth table

  8. Richard Pays his membership

  9. Owenís got all sorts in his room: Carried

  10. Votes to censure Martin for not doing a very good job at stalking Rosie: Passed

  11. Votes that we shouldnít carry out experimental trials: Hung, CR decides Against

  12. The above motion again: Failed

  13. It

  14. Votes to censure someone, I think it was the people Anthony works for: Passed

  15. Votes to write and tell them: Passed

  16. Votes to censure Jenny for failing on the mug front: Failed

  17. Votes that those two canít vote the same way every time: Failed

  18. Votes to commend Jenny for not bringing stuff: Passed

  19. Rosie should stop breaking Pembroke College: Passed

  20. Votes that Rosie should carry out the archives and then blow up Pembroke college: Failed

  21. Votes to censure Owen for not bringing a tea-strainer even though he did: Failed

  22. Neilís over qualified for the post of treasurer: Passed

  23. Votes that Neil canít follow it up: Passed

  24. Election for Treasurer:
    Neil (Elected)

  25. Election for Rabbit:
    Richard Sims (Elected)

  26. Richardís more informed than Jenny ever was: Passed

  27. Votes to censure the treasurer for being too efficient: Failed

  28. The north pole is at Girton: Failed

  29. Election for Tigger:
    Tom (Elected)

  30. Election for Kanga:

  31. Anthonyís membership is paid.

  32. Rosie offers Tom her medicine

  33. Votes to censure Andrew for eating all the chocolate biscuits: Passed

  34. Votes to put a little line through the above motion if he comes back with chocolate biscuits: Passed

  35. Votes to commend Andrew for coming back with chocolate biscuits: Passed

  36. Poem: Hoperty (sp?)

  37. Votes that we should read the Poem now: Passed

  38. Spray on collars: Passed

  39. Votes that we should carry this motion: Abstained

  40. Andrew reads the Contradiction

  41. Votes to censure Ben for casting aspertions on the testaments: Passed

  42. Votes to censure Ben again: Passed

  43. Votes itís harsh again: Passed

  44. Votes to censure him again anyway: Passed

  45. Votes to censure Ian: Passed

  46. Us two - Read by Rosie and Jenny

  47. Formal hall

  48. Neilís got blood

  49. Cottleston pie

  50. We get chucked out

  51. We go to AA20

  52. Debbie looks like a Penguin

  53. Money

  54. The loyal toast

  55. Tom lives on Victoria Road: Hung

  56. Next week: 94 Edgecombe, Cambridge

  57. Owen inflates his Christmas tree

  58. "Donít put that in your mouth" Jenny to Ben

  59. You could do it with a Hoover

  60. Everyone could club together and buy Debbie a tea-pot for Christmas: Passed

  61. Neil reads the constitution of the Pembroke College Martin and Owen society

  62. GNVPhDís

  63. Thereís too many boys in the room, however thereís a window over there: Passed

  64. Everyone runs away gradually

  65. 9 versions of stairway to heaven

  66. Votes to mandate Owen to do the tea now: Passed

  67. Votes to censure Ben: Passed

  68. Votes to close: Passed

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