Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 10/11/2001 in Z7, North Court, Emmanuel.

Present : Neil, Martin, Owen, Richard, Rosie

Apologies : Jenny, Tom, Richard, (Some one with a male voice), Andrew, Debbie

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Is anyone else coming

  3. Votes to mandate Owen to work hard this year and come back to do Part III: Passed

  4. Neilís chapel.

  5. It snowed on Thursday

  6. Votes that the plate is not clean: Passed

  7. Votes to let visitors and the plate vote: Passed

  8. here are we known, America, Australia, Austria

  9. Rice crispies and milk on Monday mornings

  10. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting on the 03/11/01 are read by Richard, Owen and Neil

  11. Gosh its really steamy in here

  12. Room numbering.

  13. Navigational challenge

  14. Votes that last weeks minutes say navigational challenge: Hung

  15. They still havenít changed the curtains

  16. Throwing socks onto busses

  17. The Green house is the end of the library

  18. "I never knew how much fun you could have with the humble battenberg" - Neil

  19. We shouldnít have that vote as we wouldnít want to eat the battenberg afterwards: Passed

  20. AA=>A

  21. Dr Barden is a fire engine: Passed

  22. Votes that Neil should propose to college that there is 5 minutes each day when everyone can use his sink: Failed

  23. Itís 5 past 5 today: Passed

  24. Votes that it canít go in the minutes: Abstained

  25. Votes to give motions voting rights for the duration of this meeting: Passed {votes in brackets are how the motions vote from now on}

  26. Votes that motions must abstain {against}: Failed

  27. A lamp post: Failed

  28. Votes that, that lamp post canít be an honoury member {for}: Passed

  29. Votes that Richard is allowed to be a member (though he hasnít actually paid yet) {For}: Passed

  30. A minute ago it was November 10th and it still is now: Failed

  31. Minutes of Poohsoc meeting from 05/11/2000 are read by Neil

  32. Minutes from Poohsoc meeting 05/11/2000 are read by Neil

  33. T-SHIRTS

  34. Richard is in his 1800 year.

  35. There are no first year undergraduates at Downing: Passed

  36. Neil gives up: Passed

  37. Bird baths

  38. Votes that Martin is stalking Rosie: Passed

  39. Votes to blame all these minutes on Claire: Passed

  40. Martin and Owen society constitution.

  41. Are sparklers fireworks: Yes

  42. A petrol tanker, if you where to light it to produce a bang, is a firework.

  43. Votes to censure: Passed

  44. "We might want to try you out before we elect you" - Rosie to Richard

  45. Roo/Piglet the same person

  46. Reading: In which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the forest and Piglet has a bath.

  47. We read loudly to worry Neilís neighbours.

  48. Next week EGM in the Inner Parlour at 6pm. Formal Hall afterwards.

  49. "Iím doing Jenny and Ben" - Rosie

  50. Seconding it would have been funny: Passed

  51. Can Owen propose it: Passed

  52. It: Failed

  53. Thatís not going in the minutes: Passed

  54. Neil sees a problem in the above motion: Passed

  55. Votes to close {for}: Passed

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