Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 24/11/2001 in 94 Edgecombe, Cambridge.

Present : Owen, Martin, Neil, Debbie, Richard, Rosie

Apologies : Richard, Debbie to the biscuit, Andrew, Neil (for being here)

  1. Thatís where they are moving the biochem department to: Failed

  2. Owen opens the meeting (we are just on our way there)

  3. Something

  4. This is the authoritative meeting: Passed

  5. They are moving the biochem department to the library.

  6. Lecture forms

  7. They are stealing our boat: Passed

  8. Fitzbillies should cover Martinís doors so he canít get out: Failed

  9. We should take the traffic light: Failed

  10. Votes that we shouldnít go to Sainsburies now: Passed

  11. Tea is more civilised than grape juice: Hung, Visitor decides for.

  12. Vote to censure Andrew for not being here: Passed

  13. One ends the ice cream the others the stick: Failed

  14. Iím sure thereís more that were failed: Passed

  15. Neilís going to show Richard how to do it.

  16. Votes that we shouldnít throw the plates around: Failed

  17. Votes to write a letter to the box: Passed

  18. Neilís out of practice.

  19. "Thereís times when I have done it in 20 secs" - Neil

  20. There should be one more

  21. Votes that we are not allowed to attack the cake: Hung visitor decides against

  22. Itís not the door itís Rosie.

  23. Age restrictions on toys are legally binding: Passed

  24. It was deliberately badly worded

  25. It doesnít go the most direct route because its a bus: Passed

  26. Votes to make Rosie a visitor for the duration of this meeting: Passed

  27. "Christopher Robin is a he"- Rosie

  28. Votes that we are not allowed to attack the cake: Hung vis decides against

  29. Votes that my printer has run out of ink: Passed

  30. Rosie reads the minutes from poohsoc meeting on 17/11/01

  31. Rosie should blow up Pembroke: Failed

  32. Some one can whistle: Passed

  33. Debbie tied Richard to the chair: Passed

  34. Richard is being restrained: Passed

  35. Rosieís voice manages to activate the keyring that tells you where it is when you whistle.

  36. Debbie can throw the keyring out: Failed (but she does anyway)

  37. Do we want Debbie to go and get it back: Failed

  38. Reading: In which Christopher Robin gives a Pooh party and we say goodbye

  39. Votes to commend Rosie for good hiccuping sounds: Passed

  40. "Iíll let you deal with the hole" Owen to Debbie

  41. Next weeks meeting Rm. 2, 52 Trumpington Street

  42. Owenís birthday on Thursday

  43. Neil is going to eat the rest of the cake: Hung vis decides for

  44. Barbados

  45. We all have to bring a sword when we go to next weeks meeting: Passed

  46. "Iím not hungry so Iím not going to have any tea"

  47. Votes to close: Passed

  48. Debbie donates her house to the society

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