Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting and poohsticks match

Held on Saturday 27th October 2007 in various locations, starting on Poohsticks Bridge.

present: CGM, James, Carol, Lisa, Owen, Ed
later present: Rob, Grace
apologies: none

  1. Round 1:
    1. CGM
    2. Owen
    3. Lisa
  2. Meeting declared open
  3. Round 2:
    1. Owen
    2. Lisa
    3. CGM
  4. Round 3:
    1. James
    2. Ed
    3. Owen
  5. Round 4:
    1. Owen
    2. CGM
    3. Carol
  6. Round 5:
    1. Ed
    2. Owen
    3. Lisa
  7. Round 6:
    1. Owen
    2. Ed
    3. James
  8. Round 7:
    2.Carol, CGM, Lisa, Ed
    Last  Owen (so he doesn't feel left out)
  9. Round 8:
    1. CGM
    2. Owen
    3. Lisa
  10. We retire to the Grad café for tea & cake
  11. Ed takes his leather coat off so as not to anger the cows
  12. There are too many stairs
  13. We don't know if we're allowed in here
  14. You need determination to walk through John's
  15. Owen can only pretend to be a student for one more year
  16. Anna is old, but not as old as Owen
  17. Anna doesn't refuse cake
  18. Age differences and the Sound of Music
  19. Henry the Eighth - you no longer need to form your own religion to have a divorce
  20. We should make everyone form their own religions and have a divorce. For:0 Ag:5 Ab:1. Failed.
  21. Did Owen say what he meant to say? He says not.
  22. Votes to suspend [part of] the constitution so that we don't have to go and find last week's minutes. For:5 Ag:0 Ab:1. Passed
  23. EGM 17th November
  24. Society's money - can we get it? Do we want T-shirts?
  25. Too much discussion of T-shirts ensues
  26. Ed pays Pooh levy. He is a member retrospectively, so as to avoid confusion. Lisa owes the Society 2.
  27. Reading: NT Ch 6 "In which Pooh Invents a New Game and Eeyore Joins in". Rob and Grace turn up.
  28. Do we want to disambiguate voting in the constitution?
  29. "It's no fun at all" For:5 Ag:1 Ab:2. (Note - Grace voted, but we don't think she is a member, however, we agree to let it stand, as she abstained)
  30. Reading: "Sneazles" (as Lisa has caught the Lurgy)
  31. Grace leaves
  32. James' for meeting next week
  33. Lisa and Owen tentatively apologise for next week
  34. We decamp to Rob's room, where the tea is cheaper.
  35. Ed can't stay up there for ever. 3:2:1 carried
  36. Mandate James to find out why pink is important in icing 2:2:2:1 CR decides for
  37. Tea doesn't contain caffeine
  38. Is tea illegal?
  39. Some tea can't be imported into the US due to being poisonous (see minutes of 13th February 1999)
  40. Tea happens
  41. We can talk to Ed now - carried
  42. Ed has converted to Islam according to James
  43. 2010 or 20-10?
  44. "Numbers are confusing"- Anna
    "Would you like to see a maracca instead?"- Lisa
  45. Alex Beetle could be a post Alex holds even after death and it wouldn't have any effect - carried
  46. Jam on constitution = "the taste of history"
  47. Giles doesn't exist, and one of us is him in disguise - carried
  48. Votes to make Steve, the imaginary person at Carol's wedding, an honourary member - carried
  49. CGM has a sun coloured lightbulb - carried
  50. Votes to censure James for being confusing - hung (CR decides for)
  51. Lisa wants to lean on Owen's knees - carried
  52. Lisa can eat - carried
  53. 1=2 - failed
  54. "Sometimes your brain doesn't agree with reality" - CGM
  55. We shouldn't be [tampering?] with the structure of the real number system. - carried
  56. It's ok - hung. CR decides against.
  57. It's not necessarily ok.
  58. We discuss connecting Ed to the university network using Connect-Ed
  59. Votes to crash the biscuits and see what happens - failed
  60. We can subseqently decide what it means - carried
  61. The black box biscuits survived a crash, but not multiple ones
  62. We can go into Poohsoc - carried, luckily
  63. Dragons are terribly cute - carried
  64. Registering with the Proctors - what would they make of our constitution?
  65. You are allowed an opinion without being prejudiced - carried
  66. We should tell James Watson that - carried
  67. Alex is Tarzan
  68. When at Jack's, we are not sure where we are
  69. Perhaps the society needs a dictophone to take minutes in the dark - carried
  70. Who is Wolfson?
  71. The Internet knows everything
  72. Wolfson is dull, but it is editable
  73. Rob adds us to Wikipedia
  74. Disneyfaction
  75. We are now on Wikipedia
  76. Votes to close - carried

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