Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting

Held on Saturday 17th November 2007 in Trinity JCR, and the Eriana

present: CGM, Alex, James, Lisa, Owen, Rob, Ed, Jack
later present: Becky, Robert
apologies: Rosy, Carol, Becky

  1. Meeting opened.
  2. How historic is this pad anyway?
  3. We ought to put a new historic pad in the archives: 5-0-1; carried
  4. Motion to make Alex skip for acting Charlotte (illegible), as he didn't at the time: 4-2-1; carried
  5. Motion to make Angel court a court of Pembroke college: 6-0-1; carried
  6. Some things are the definite article.
  7. Apparently, Alex knows what the illegible word is, but won't tell Anna.
  8. Alex reads minutes from last week.
  9. Owen apologises for next week.
  10. Motion to create a new post ‘keeper of the society's baboons’, the responsibilities of which will be to keep The Society's baboons.
  11. Jack arrives.
  12. Jack pays Pooh levy, just in case.
  13. Owen owes The Society £2.  (Incidentally, so does Lisa.)
  14. Motion: I like the post of tea monkey, but it should be a monkey: carried, with monkey
  15. We should vote on whether or not Lisa and Owen are battery-powered, and get it out of the way once and for all: 4-0-1-1; carried
  16. Beetle has short hands: 4-1-1-1; carried
  17. Lisa and Owen are battery powered: 4-1-2-1; carried
  18. Marmalade is jam: 3-3-2; failed by CR
  19. Ed Croft husts for secretary.
  20. The texts should have a search box: 3-2-2; carried
  21. Ed skips.
  22. Election for secretary:
  23. Mandate Carol to skip next week: 4-2-2; carried
  24. Lisa acts as proxy to Carol, to hust for treasurer.
  25. Election for treasurer:
  26. Election for under-secretary:
  27. Rob and James stand on a single ticket* in order to hust as coastguards.
  28. We check their jam alibis.
  29. Commend James on his pronounciation of “Worraworraworraworraworra:” 6-0-1-1; carried
  30. Election for coastguards:
  31. coughing
  32. Reading:
  33. Election for Eeyore:
  34. James husts for Tigger
  35. Somebody should get some water: 4-0-0-3; carried
  36. Election for Tigger:
  37. Mandate Carol to skip twice: 0-4-4; failed
  38. JADA reads a short passage from 2.IV: In which it is shown that Tiggers don't climb Trees.
  39. Election for Roo:
  40. Rob husts for Owl and reads from 2.VIII: In which Piglet does a Very Grand Thing.
  41. Election for Owl:
  42. Election for Keeper of the Society's Baboons:
  43. Mandate Jack to produce a list of the top ten things about which he feels discriminated against for the New Year: 6-0-0-2; carried with mustard
  44. Dave Henderson was mentioned.
  45. James husts for James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree.
  46. Reading(s): bits of Disobedience
  47. Election for James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree:
  48. James and Beetle hust for Early and Late respectively.  They stand on a single ticket.
  49. Reading: an extract from 2.X: In which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an Enchanted Place, and We leave them There
  50. Election for Late and Early:
  51. Censure Beetle for being Late: 5-1-1; carried
  52. Comment James for being Early: carried
  53. Censure James for being late: 4-3-1; failed
  54. Censure Alexander for attempting to commend — without knowing exactly what he's referring to: carried
  55. Two simultaneous motions to comend Late for no particular reason.  Right arms: hung, and failed by CR.  Left arms: failed.
  56. The minute-taker can't spell ‘comned’: 3-2-2; carried
  57. Motion: Anna is tired: failed by CR
  58. Beetle can censure: passed
  59. Censure people for non-Pooh-related discussion: passed
  60. Lisa makes a funny noise when her 'phone vibrates.
  61. Some people appear.
  62. Reading: 1.VIII: In which Christopher Robin leads an Expotition to the North Pole
  63. This year's list of members is in the yellow file and needs to be given to Carol.
  64. Meeting paused by vote.
  1. Meeting resumed in Eraina Taverna, Free School Lane.
  2. Eight weirdos descend on a hitherto – hitherto, a long word meaning, well, you'll see what it means directly – a hitherto innocent, unsuspecting restaurant.
  3. We choose things.  This takes a while.
  4. We order things as per minute № 67.
  5. Telling people that they're defining themselves wrong may or may not be correct, but is never useful: carried
  6. Visitors can vote: carried with a two-thirds majority
  7. Cheddar = yellow: 7-0-2: carried
  8. Dave Henderson is mentioned again.
  9. The Loyal Toast has clause, but they're not very sharp.
  10. If you could not talk at the same time, it would be useful: 6-2-1-1; carried
  11. Meeting paused again: 6-2-1; carried
  1. Lots of Oxbridge colleges share names.
  2. Oxford's Poohsticks team is really a drinking society.
  3. Ed fails to minute our dessert choices.
  4. Owen turns water into wine.
  5. Ed does not know any warlords, local or otherwise.
  6. A discussion of fortified wine, water pistols and the shapes of glasses takes place.
  7. Alex guards the minutes jealously, or some such.
  8. The discussion moves on and splits into polystyrene cups and Pete.
  9. Some dessert arrives.
  10. Mutilating pennies.
  11. Some confusion over tea.
  12. The Loyal Toast is given.
  13. Anna doesn't particularly want.
  14. Alex can't find the place where he's minuted as having an addictive minuting problem, because there are too many minutes. [28th March 2007, 101:11. Ed.]
  15. Beetle is not as good as Martin.
  16. Jack is typically with the other person.
  17. Jack missed Beetle running from lamppost to lamppost, because his mother was visiting him.
  18. "Blow it again! Blow it again!" - Jack.
  19. Lisa asks Owen whether she liked it or not. Owen assures her that she did.
  20. Lisa likes stuffing.
  21. Perhaps. Maybe. Hence. "That doesn't follow."
  22. "No, 'hence' always follows. That's what it does." - JV
  23. Owen has students. They're getting scarily good.
  24. Ed lists some dinosaurs or something. Possibly they were actually Pokémon.
  25. CGM fails to transmogrify into a man.
  26. We can only make one innuendo out of each bad comment. 1-5-3-1. Failed
  27. Censure The James for non-Pooh-related discussion. 4-1-3-1. Passed.
  28. RPGs are discussed.
  29. Owen is too big. 3-4-3. Failed.
  30. Mandate Ed to be attacked by zombies. 7-1-1. Carried. Note: this must be done in the future - last Tuesday does not count.
  31. Beetle owes CGM £6.
  32. (Lisa & Owen still owe The Society £4.)
  33. Anna doesn't point at Jack.
  34. Alex was about to propose that we close the meeting. 8-0-2. Carried.
  35. Meeting closed. 6-2-2.
  36. Jack crosses the streams.
  37. There is a discussion on vampires, werewolves etc.
  38. Beetle is old enough to be a woman. Carried by general acclamation.

* London Terminals to Norwood Junction, £2.05 with a Young Person's railcard

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