Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Freshers' Tea

In which there are lots of Eds and lots of food.

Held on Saturday 11th October 2008 at the room of an Absent Member.

Present: CGM, James, Carol, Ed x3 [Eeyore, Capt. CRocoholixxs, 'Other Ed'], sundry freshers, Rachel.
Later present: Alicia, Twillo.

  1. Kanga starts introductions.
  2. Too many Eds.
  3. Visitors may vote. 4-0-0 [The James is Absent due to dancing].
  4. Commend kettle for getting warmer. 13-1-0. Carried.
  5. The Shortbread Fairy arrives bearing no weaponry but milk and sugar.
  6. Anglo-American availability of baking chocolate.
  7. <Highlights of Freshers' Fair>.
  8. CGM: "Drat! Tea is hot!". Carried.
  9. You'll have to work on training [Tigger to wash up]. 8-0-5-1 [Alicia armadillo].
  10. Molly Twillo arrives, disappears into far bedroom.
  11. Twillo IS normally that-brightly coloured. 3-2-lots-1 [Chicken].
  12. It matters which way for voting. Carried.
  13. Reading: NT1 – Pooh Builds a House.
  14. It doesn't help when CGM has a mouth ful of caramel. (lots-1)-2-3-1 [Chicken].
  15. We should commend George on Pooh-singing. 11-0-1-1 [Chicken].
  16. [We do so ^]. 11-0-2. Carried.
  17. Twillo reads <minutes of 4/10> on his own internet.
  18. There's a pineapple here. 8-6-1. Carried [by Capt.].
  19. [NOTES: 15½th Dinner on November the 15th. Change found and in box from last week.]
  20. Pineapple dripping.
  21. Commend James for pineapple dissection. 8-1-1-1 [Twillo gay Republican].
  22. Maybe elephants are pink when they take their clothes off. 8-1-0-3 [green elephants].
  23. Carol will wait until Ed has finished. 8-1-3. Carried.
  24. James to host next week.
  25. We shall ignore all of the things that James just seconded. 10-1-1-1 [pineapple].
  26. Ed theoretically pays PL, but is now owed 49p due to having bought a clipboard.
  27. CGM reads Forgiven [Alexander Beetle in a box. Ed.]
  28. They are going to London for 'some kind of dancing thing', which describes Will quite well.
  29. Twillo has pasta and a chair so he is happy. 3-5-4. Failed.
  30. The Constitution matters greatly. 8-3-2. Carried.
  31. Rachel: "You can't jump two steps at once." Ed & Will: "Oh yes I can," Will: "Molly dancing".
  32. EKM's <Rat-Ted> looks a lot like Piglet.
  33. Conran will wear Assassins stash until someone shoots him.
  34. Trin is like Poohsoc - porters rugby-tackling midnight-runners-round-?Horble-Court for Health & Safety reasons - lack of joined-up logic.
  35. Maybe we should censure them for non-Pooh-related discussion.7-0-3-1. [Capt. - a CPS 2k; leaves].
  36. Twillo's year. 2-2-3-2 [chicken]. [Ed runs off to find a Visitor to decide]. Visitor decides against.
  37. Commend Ed for valiant effort to resolve the above. 7-0-3. Carried.
  38. James is running out of towels, dude. 6-3-1. Carried.
  39. Alicia may object to a bit of Maths* being cool. 5-2-1. Carried
  40. CGM motions to close the meeting 7-0-2.
  41. We vote to close the meeting, but Ed thinks we should have her putting her hand up as the motion that closed it, as this would be funnier.

*Extending the set of rational numbers by adding root-2. It's still countable! Yay!

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